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  1. Yes fritz that's right , I did notice whenever I searched the name ditzell I got loads of German contents
  2. Here is Thomas Caldwells medal card, God know how I did it , but managed to got a free ancestry limited membership , it wont let me In to the section about the VC.
  3. That is Interesting, dont understand why that would be on the medal card .
  4. Hi Leon, the BWM is for Ditzel, the other two are to Beck, the top pic of the star went up first by mistake
  5. I got these a few days ago, the top three medals where awarded to F.W. Ditzel, his regiment was the Rifle brigade, the lower set are to W.H. Beck , regiment, royal field artillery, there is apparently a family connection ( uncle & nephew). These came with the badges I posted a couple of days ago
  6. I have doubts about it's authenticity, it looks very bright on the back compared to the front , but I ain't too bothered as all the badges came as a free bonus with the 2 sets of medals
  7. I got these 2 artillery badges with these two sets of medals today (uncle & nephew set ) , my question is , what's the difference in the two ?( What's the smaller middle one for) why no crown or scrolls?
  8. Absolutely stunning craftsmanship in these little piece's, would love to own one , but probably way out of my range.
  9. Buster


  10. I Picked this up last week, As can be seen it's a Royal Scots fusilier cap badge, albeit a worn example, i like the age patina it has.. My great grandfather ( Thomas Grier) was is the regiment, but unfortunately he was killed on the 28 March 1918 .
  11. I have watched this clown loads of times, he did an old flare pistol & put brass grips on it, I think he has a fixation with brass! He really needs to stop.
  12. Yes that's right Fritz, the price of the bullet pencil is crazy. I did find the Christmas card, but marys photo was glued to the back of it., so have just left for now.
  13. Got this in the post today, as you can see it's a princess Mary tin, sadly no contents included . But looks nice displayed along side the death plaque.
  14. Thank for doing that Leon, I will print a copy off to keep with it
  15. I can make out a W , but not the A.
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