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  1. Buster

    New medals

    Yes they are folded just so as to hide the inperfaction , someone had fired paper staples through them making holes & runs in the material, 3 staples in each for some reason
  2. Buster

    New medals

    Picked these up today at an antiques fair today, they are the British war medal & the victory medal , both named to the same man. Both in nice condition , ribbons didn't fair as well but I have folded them to hide most of the fraying & grime. PTE. P. MCRAE. . RAMC.
  3. Buster


    This arrived over the weekend, been looking for a nice one for a little while , & this popped up on an airgun forum of all places, as can be seen it's an SA80 bayonet, it still has most of the non reflective coating on the blade, also the scabbard is complete with cammo sheath , sharpening stone, saw, & button in place to enable it to be used as a wire cutter . The SA80 is a British family of 5.56×45mm NATO small arms, all of which are selective fire, gas-operated assault rifles. The L85 rifle variant of the SA80 family has been the standard issue service rifle of the British Armed Forces since 1987, replacing the L1A1 variant of the FN FAL
  4. Buster

    Ribbon badge

    Afraid not Fritz no inscription , the medal is in great condition, unlike the ribbon , it's a bit short & gruby
  5. Buster

    Ribbon badge

    I picked up this defence medal yesterday at a car boot sale, but pinned to the ribbon was this little ribbon badge , I have never seen one before & don't know if it's even military related! Any idea guys.
  6. Buster


    Yes Fritz, it is very like the 1907, the grip & pomel are almost identical shape
  7. Buster


    I have been after a nice one of these for ages, it's a L1A3 / SLR bayonet as used by the british army until the UK started replacing the L1A1 rifle with the 5.56 NATO L85A1 assault rifle. The L1A3 bayonet was introduced into British service during the late 1950s to eliminate the protruding press stud used on the L1A1 and L1A2 designs. It was felt that the protruding press stud made the bayonet too easily dislodged, so the press stud was made flush with the pommel
  8. Very interesting photographs Fritz, even though sad to see so many young soldier cut down! It's never worth it.
  9. Buster

    S.A. badge

    No Kenny, just as I thought, i couldn't get the wife off the beach, & was too hot to sit on a bus to get there .
  10. Buster


    I got this a couple of weeks ago, its a KA-BAR USMC combat knife, and I can tell you this bugger is shaving sharp right out of the box ( as can be seen in last pic) . They where first adopted by the United States Marine Corp in November 1942 as the 1219C2 combat knife (later designated the USMC Mark 2 combat knife or Knife, Fighting Utility), and subsequently adopted by the the United States Navy as the U.S. Navy utility knife, Mark 2.
  11. Yes, it's got no sccabard, and i can't really complain about condition as i got it for nothing
  12. My son got this from a friend last week & passed it on to me. I diidnt know what type of bayonet it was , but after a little research it turns out to be a Lee Metford 1888 mrk1 socond pattern. This particular bayonet was manufactured by Enfield and is dated 1896, it's then been re dated 1916 for issue in WW1, the 1916 has then been struck through. It's a pity an item with so much history has been so poorly cared for in the past.
  13. Buster

    S.A. badge

    Got this from a mate, as you can see it's a bronze sa badge , it's actually a replacement for a fake I got when away on holiday! Will never buy again when on my tablet by the pool . (LAST PIC INCLUDES FAKE BADGE COMPARISON) The SA Sports Badge was instituted on 28 November 1933 by then SA chief Ernst Röhm. It was originally only issued in bronze through the year 1935. The on 15 February 1935, Hitler decreed that the badge be officially recognized. It was thereafter issued in three grades
  14. Buster

    HJ proficiency badge

    Lol, sounds just about right for some areas in Creta, some of the villages are still a law to themselves.
  15. Buster

    HJ proficiency badge

    I would like all three, but will have to wait for now, flying out to Crete on the 14th for a fortnight , would love to do some battlefield exploring but can never get Mrs buster away from the beach