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  1. Buster

    1896 bayonet

    No , it was well below retail dealers price , I just wanted one in my collection. I read that some branches of the army still had these in the 60s. Why the heck did the company think it would be ok to send a much lower value & less desirable item would be ok with a customer , that's outrageous. Order a luger & receive a .38 webley ! It's just not on .
  2. Hi guys, I bought this today from the guy I got the gas mask from, it's a model 1896 model mauser bayonet , I dont really know much about these, but it looks way ahead of it's time for a knife bayonet., feels great & well balanced in the hand.
  3. Yes , I was surprised by the build quality for the price , bearing in mind an original UK/EU deact now sells for £2.885 , the cocking handle moves under spring tension, but does not strip or dry fire. The denix will cock & dry fire , but will not strip the same way as a conventional original mp40.
  4. Ok it's not a deact, but it's as near to one as i will ever get, it's a replica MP40 made by Denix, I got it from the same seller I got the gas mask, & fletchettes from, it looked to new & fresh so I tried to knock some of it off., before & after pics.
  5. I got these from the same seller as the gas mask, these horrible little devils are flechettes, these particular versions are standard US flechettes, used during the Vietnam era, and in many different APERS munitions like 105mm beehive artillery rounds, 2.75” rockets, supposedly shotgun cartridges as well. There would be 2,000 of these packed into the likes of the above mentioned beehive rounds.
  6. I picked this up at the weekend, it's a French C38 gas mask , filter & container, I know nothing about these, but it's in remarkable condition for its age & is dated 38.
  7. The wife got me this badge at Christmas time, it's the ww2 kings badge , it was initially issued to wounded servicemen . The King’s Badge was authorised by the Ministry of Pensions and issued to servicemen who were wounded in the course of their duty and as a result discharged from the armed serviced. The King’s Badge was instigated in the early stages of the war and by the end of 1941 over 8,000 had been awarded to members of the British Armed Forces and Merchant Navy . Besides the Armed Forces and Merchant Navy; members of the police, Home Guard, Coast Guard and Civil Defence organisations who did active service during WW2 would also become eligible
  8. I think you might have something there, I now remember similar things from lads who where in the cub scouts when I was in primary school.
  9. Watch "WW2 Nazi Mauser P.38 BYF 44 with Amazing Capture Story! | Walk-in Wednesday" on YouTube
  10. Buster


    Got this in the post today, as can be seen it's a lee Enfield no4 mrk2 spike bayonet that was made at longbranch. It came still wrapped in the hessian type grease coated material, and as you can clearly see, the grease did a great job of keeping the bayonet in factory fresh condition. I know they ain't much to look at, but I haven't got one in my collection , just got to keep an eye out for a frog for it.
  11. I was actually very surprised how well the leather has kept considering its 105 years old, I will give it a coat of renaissance wax to preserve it, apparently its great for whatever ails ya lol, but the British museum swear by it for everything
  12. I Picked this up this nice little item today, it's a Verners pattern V11 prismatic compass. It dating back to the great war as does the leather case, witch is dated 1915 , & has the same serial number written on it as it marked on the compass . I got this from the original owners great grandson, so it's never been in the collectors market . It will sit nicely in my " war chest"
  13. Got this old girl the other day, it's an m1 garand officially shortened from 16 inches to 10 inches , it was manufactured by PAL & is dated 1943 ,the scabbard is an m3 & was manufactured by Detroit Gasket . The bayonet is not mint by any means, but I love the been there & done it patina on it.
  14. I have seen this guy before, he found a rusted solid luger, he oils it heat it up, wire brushes it, put a steel rod down the barrel & starts hammering it to free the toggle action, turns out it's still loaded , he manages to get the round out the chamber, & chucks it into his wood burner ! & yes it does go off. https://youtu.be/w_SE5FuuIg8
  15. That's a lovely helmet , nice that you have held onto it all these years! Doesit still hsve the pads inside?
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