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  1. Buster

    Kershaw binoculars

    I have the binocular case a clean up, it revealed something scratched into the lid, or it looks like FOURNIER , PARIS , METROPAX then the number under the handle 399444. Just googled it , it's a maker of French binoculars, most likely the original occupant of the case.
  2. Buster

    New bust

    Don't get me wrong, thete was some cracking stuff, but also other not so ! Here are the busts in question.
  3. Buster

    New bust

    It was discussed on several forums & people better versed than me spotted some fake items among the hoard, including that other statue i have. Have you ever seen one of these before? Looks strange to me
  4. Buster

    New bust

    Yes its definitely post war, probably made a fortnight ago lol , sold as repro and only payed £30 for it Here is one that was among that so called hoard of illegal nazi memorabilia that was found in Argentina last year, it's in the same form , but with a marble base , most of the stuff was repro.
  5. Buster

    New bust

    I think its brass with a bronze wash or plating , its rubbed of a little on high points
  6. Buster

    New bust

    I forgot to put this text in lol. I picked this up at an antique fair yesterday, there ain't a lot of age to it, but I have been after one for a while,
  7. Buster

    Kershaw binoculars

    Those are very nice indeed ,I have been after a nice war time pair for a while now & stumbled upon these yesterday just by chance, do you know if these whould come in a leather or webbing case ?
  8. I picked these up yesterday on a local FB selling page! As you can see they are a British pair of binoculars , they where manufactured by Kershaw & are dated 1943, they still have the original webbing neck strap fitted, also came with a leather case that's seen better days, but still hanging in there.
  9. Buster

    New medals

    Yes they are folded just so as to hide the inperfaction , someone had fired paper staples through them making holes & runs in the material, 3 staples in each for some reason
  10. Buster

    New medals

    Picked these up today at an antiques fair today, they are the British war medal & the victory medal , both named to the same man. Both in nice condition , ribbons didn't fair as well but I have folded them to hide most of the fraying & grime. PTE. P. MCRAE. . RAMC.
  11. Buster


    This arrived over the weekend, been looking for a nice one for a little while , & this popped up on an airgun forum of all places, as can be seen it's an SA80 bayonet, it still has most of the non reflective coating on the blade, also the scabbard is complete with cammo sheath , sharpening stone, saw, & button in place to enable it to be used as a wire cutter . The SA80 is a British family of 5.56×45mm NATO small arms, all of which are selective fire, gas-operated assault rifles. The L85 rifle variant of the SA80 family has been the standard issue service rifle of the British Armed Forces since 1987, replacing the L1A1 variant of the FN FAL
  12. Buster

    Ribbon badge

    Afraid not Fritz no inscription , the medal is in great condition, unlike the ribbon , it's a bit short & gruby
  13. Buster

    Ribbon badge

    I picked up this defence medal yesterday at a car boot sale, but pinned to the ribbon was this little ribbon badge , I have never seen one before & don't know if it's even military related! Any idea guys.
  14. Buster


    Yes Fritz, it is very like the 1907, the grip & pomel are almost identical shape
  15. Buster


    I have been after a nice one of these for ages, it's a L1A3 / SLR bayonet as used by the british army until the UK started replacing the L1A1 rifle with the 5.56 NATO L85A1 assault rifle. The L1A3 bayonet was introduced into British service during the late 1950s to eliminate the protruding press stud used on the L1A1 and L1A2 designs. It was felt that the protruding press stud made the bayonet too easily dislodged, so the press stud was made flush with the pommel