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  1. Yes Fritz , but unfortunately not genuine items
  2. I acquired this today from a local collectors shop, it's a small trench art piece, in the shape of a scimitar, It is made using an imperial German 7.92mm bullet, the head stamp is marked S ( for spritzer) 67 for 67% ( case alloy content copper) and dated 10/ 15 for October 1915. Its a nice little addition to my " war chest " collection
  3. Yes Fritz, I was sure it was the wrong frog as you said they are usual in a terrible state, I know also that the strap shouldn't be there but looks very old, I was going to remove it but when it arrives in the post i just couldn't mess with it,I just gave it a thin coat of renaissance wax to preserved the bare steel from rust & leather from cracking any further.
  4. I got this yesterday,as can be seen its dress bayonet manufactured by Eickhorn, the paint has been removed from the scabbard , would this be permitted during the third reich period? & it also a little buckle & strap fitted to the frog , this looks to have been done a very long time ago ( clearly not a professional job)
  5. I wouldn't dent either, was thinking more off chemical ageing somehow .
  6. Thanks fritz very helpful information indeed,, I payed very little for it so if I find more accurate parts I still wont be very much into it, it's only going to sit in a cupboard with my guns for display, i might try knocking the newish look out of it
  7. Hi , I picked this up this morning, I know nothing of picklehaub, but know this is s repro (as sold to me) what I want to know is, is it an accurate copy or not? I know Fritz will know exactly what it is,.
  8. Fantastic Leon, thaks for going to the trouble, I will get those printed off at the weekend, I am still amazed all these records are available after all this time
  9. I got these medals from the same source as the k98 bayonet .They are a great war pair awarded to a Percy Gander, army service corp, his service number is m-297998, he later went on to serve with the police & was awarded the special constabulary long service medal, I take it Percy didn't want the expense of getting ribbon bars made, so made his own with cardboard and little bits on ribbon cut from his medals, the set also came with the badges pictured, & the boxes the decorations came in.
  10. Buster


    I Bought this a few days ago! As I have been after a minty k98 bayonet since selling mine a few years back, this one was manufactured by P.WEYERSBERG, it's dated 1938 & as can be seen is waffenampt to the pomel, the scabbard is non numbers matched to the bayonet . This will look great next to my dress bayonet.
  11. I am fast running out of room, so decided to utilise this wooden chest, I have lined it with an exercise Matt & I intend putting risers in the corners so I can cut a piece of board to size so I can have another layer of space * like a chocolate box* haha All the paper work in the pic is from an educational pac i bought regarding ww1. ( nice to dislay)
  12. Unfortunately I wont have the funds at that time, I have just returned from Crete and have a trip to Spain booked for late September, but hopefully I will be able to manage it in the future, I would like to take my brother along as he is a Royal highland fusiliers veteran.
  13. I contacted britishwargraves.co.uk regarding Thomas's grave , as i noticed they have a photo request section, I got this a couple of days later. I am the first in the family to see this ' ever'.
  14. Thanks Kenny,I will try for the shoulder titles, but I have tried to source a photo for some time, but with no luck so far. A friend suggested some ww1 dated 303 Inert rounds
  15. I have emptied one of my display boxes & replaced it with what would have been my great grandfather's medal entitlement & cap badge, and medal card , thanks leon for sourcing the medal card & other documents, it's very much appreciated. I think it's came out great, but might replace the tin do something else if I can think of something in it's place.
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