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  1. The horse armour prop from the Heath Ledger film A Knights Tale.
  2. A German dog tag to a Pioneer replacement company 257 with a blood group A. The Soldiers id number is 455
  3. Hi Greg Thanks for the information
  4. Terriers in the trenches the history of the Post Office Rifles at war by Charles Messenger. A very good book for medal reference.
  5. On 18/8/40 Spitfire n3040 was attacking a Ju88 when it was hit by return fire. The pilot Fl/Lt Bob Stanford Tuck abandoned the aircraft which crashed at Tonbridge in Kent at 2.15pm. In the pictures are small parts of the airframe a bullet and a lump of the battery casing.
  6. Junkers Ju-87 5518 was attacking Thorney Island on 18/8/40 when it was intercepted by Hurricanes and shot down. Both crew members baled out and the aircraft crashed at 2.30pm into Fishbourne Creek near Chichester. In the picture is part of the shock absorber for the tailwheel.
  7. Messerschmitt Bf-109 1523 was involved in combat with British fighters over southern England on 28/8/40. The aircraft was hit and the pilot baled out and was later captured. At 4.55pm the aircraft crashed at South Alkham in kent. S/L Peter Townsend possibly shot it down. In the picture is part of the airframe.
  8. Spitfire bm539 of 19 Squadron collided with another Spitfire on return from a escort op for b25 Mitchells to St Omer. The pilot Squadron Leader V.H.Ekins baled out ok. The aircraft crashed at Romney Marsh In Kent on 9/7/43. In the picture is part of the radio.
  9. Just found this part in collection, I don't know what it is or what it did all I can say is it came out of the same Heinkel.
  10. Thought I would post a picture of some of my aircraft relics. Almost all in the picture are from Battle of Briton and the Blitz and have parts to about 20 types of aircraft.
  11. Hi Ross The hydraulic ram was part of the HEINKEL HE-111 11/KG4 on 19/6/40. The only other information I have is that it was shot down by f/l Duke-Woolley. In the picture is the paperwork that came with the part. As you say what a waste to blow it up. Regards Nelson
  12. Heinkel He-111 8747. This aircraft was shot down by a Blenheim of 23 sqdn and was forced to ditch just off shore at Norfolk. All of the crew was captured. The wreck remained off shore until 1969 when it was blown up as it was considered a hazard to navigation. In the picture you can see the hydraulic ram for the tailwheel.
  13. Two relics from aircraft Messerschmitt Bf-110c-4 3113. This aircraft was shot down on the 3rd September 1940 and crashed near Rayleigh Essex. The crew baled out and were captured. When the crash site was excavated it was dug in a marsh down to a depth of 35 feet revealing both engines, all six propellers and many other items. In the pictures you can see part of a camshaft and a engine fuel injection pump drive gear.
  14. The 1885 cavalry troopers sword has a steel guard pierced with a Maltese cross and twin grip plates with five studs in each. There will be inspection marks on the blade and the scabbard is made of steel. The sword in the picture has issue marks for 1886,1889,1890 and1900. There are also war department marks and a X that indicated that the sword has undergone bending tests. The maker of this sword is Mole. This sword was issued to the 112th coy Middlesex Imperial Yeomanry in 1900 and in 1901 the 112th was sent to South Africa during the boar war under the command of Colonel R.B.Firman.
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