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  1. Members of the 9th Hodson's Horse (Bengal Lancers), Indian Army, pause to consult a map near Vraignes in1917. image source, internet.
  2. Austro-Hungarian forces operate a Becker Type M2 20mm anti-aircraft gun. The M2 was originally designed to be used in aircraft, but was adapted for many other uses and was the inspiration for the famous Oerlikon 20mm canon in WW2
  3. Originally a British gun, however the US adopted it as well. The casing is British and the replica head is a US model.
  4. The Ordnance Quick-Firing 6-pounder 7 cwt or also known as the 57mm, was primarily an anti-tank weapon, however it was also used on allied vehicles. The gun was introduced in 1942 and was used for some time after the war. The US also adopted the 57mm and it was called "57mm Gun M1". Below is a British marked shell casing dated 1943. The shell head itself is a 3D printed replica, until I can find a real one to replace it with.
  5. German troops inflating an observation balloon. Observation balloon long range camera.
  6. Colorized photo of German Artillerymen with a 9cm C/1873 gun. Image source, internet German flame thrower in action
  7. Colorized photo of Austrian troops with a Acetylene powered searchlight, 1916. Image source, internet
  8. Here is my other MG34, deactivated. Dated 1942, the bipod is dated 1943.
  9. Hello LoC, I will send you a personal message about where you can look for one.
  10. I understand Fritz, but the paint was virtually gone, and was concerned about the rust. I was more interested in preservation of the helmet itself.
  11. Just got done refurbished a nice M42 helmet, which was a veteran bring back. I found this item at a local flea market. The helmet came with the original wood box used to mail it home. When I got the helmet, the leather parts were long gone, the helmet band and split pins were present. The paint was almost gone and it was mainly rust covered, however you could make out the remnants of the SS decal that was once on the helmet. Although I do not collect SS items, I decided to put the helmet back to its original look. So I added some aluminum oxide powder to the cleaned outer shell then applied a
  12. Hello Miguelbernardo, what you have is the 1917/30 Model helmet. The DCT stood for "Defenca Civil Territorial", part of the Portuguese Legion. These helmets started off as WW1 British made helmets, then in 1930, they were refurbished/reissued and used until 1939, when a new model 1940 was introduced, however they were still in use for some time by the DCT and other auxiliary organizations. The green cross stood for the Cross of Aviz, used by the Legião Portuguesa or Portuguese Legion, which started in 1936, and was dissolved in the 1970's. The legion had three tiers: Escalão das Activid
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