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  1. Just got these in this week, nice set of WW1 German Dienstglas, with the carrying case. The Case has some issues with the leather closure straps and leather part the acted as a hinge. The glasses are in real good shape, clear optics, with the leather neck strap and eye cup protector. This Model 08 set has nice bakelite eye cups, which are complete and not damaged. The main housing for the optics is brass as well.
  2. Wow, powerful images...When I lived in Germany from 2009-2012, my counterpart in leading the section I was in charge of, was a German. Very nice man, he was a Flak Helper in WW2, he said his job was to bring ammunition for the guns to fire. Since he was young, small and fast, he was a good choice. He didn't like to talk about it very much, understandably. In the Kaiserslautern area, you can still see carved out tunnels in the cliffs, these were used as shelters during and after air raids. They are barred up now, and sealed up. I lived in this area for many years. I also remember seeing the Flak mounts along the Autobahn in the area when I was younger, huge concrete slabs with metal rings for the guns. They have been removed now.
  3. I have read several stories about similar bombing raids in Japan, unfortunately they lived in very flammable structures, which only added to the chaos. It is hard to imagine today that level of destruction on cities and population centers. Good link to the photos!
  4. Measurement is a 66. I have used the inches to CM conversion charts in the past that is why I mentioned inches earlier. It was not easy, but used a CM cloth tape to measure the inside. So it is a relatively large size, and has 3 posts for liner attachment. I think those firefighters had it worse than some of the men at the front, dealing with all the air raids, fires, unexploded ordnance, etc. Must have been terrible.
  5. I will keep an eye out, you never know. The measurement of the helmet on the exterior is 26 inches, so its a large sized one.
  6. Awesome Fritz! My second guess after police would have been fire department. Just wish it would have had the liner...
  7. I have seen quite a few lately, a lot of them with turkish markings, wonder if someone found a bunch and brought them back, this also tends to make me suspicious also. Yes, and I have noticed the more rare types can be really expensive. Was not aware there were so many varieties.
  8. Ok, here is a new one, looks like a M34 type Police helmet, maybe you all can help me ID it. War time, post war? No stampings that I can see inside the helmet, it does have a lot of rust and pitting though. The vents on the sides of the helmets have 7 holes, one in the center and 6 circling it. The vents are also curved outwards not flat. Sadly no liner though.
  9. Absolutely Fritz, I only dry clean uniforms that are in very good condition, no rips or tears, or even serious moth damage. I have some that are in rough shape that I would love to get cleaned but I know they would get damaged even more from the process. The cleaning places will even tell you this, especially with woolen items. Typically for a uniform in really good shape I also have them put it into a mesh bag, in case a button comes off, it won't get lost. Most of the wool uniforms I have gotten dry cleaned are the walking out types that didn't see much use. I also use clear wardrobe bags and I check them often, those moths can be very persistent. I had a small outbreak not long ago, they got into the M1917 helmets, which have a wool pad in the liner, took awhile to get rid of them. Now all my helmets are in plastic bags as well.
  10. Thats awesome Fritz, it's interesting how some people get remembered and others forgotten in history. These soldiers, regardless of what side they fought for should be remembered.
  11. Yeah, not very rare, but like you said with the box it can be, figured I would get one while they were still around at a decent price.
  12. Fritz, on the medals you said were unofficial, what was their purpose? For veterans, money raising scheme? Just curious.
  13. Thanks Fritz, I was waiting to hear your comments. I appreciate you letting me know about the medals, still learning about them. The US stuff is more my area, but I am slowly expanding into other areas.
  14. Here are the few WW1 German Medals I have acquired over the years. Franco-Prussian War Medals, for Combatants and Non-Combatants (replacement ribbons). Kriegshilfsdienste medal Kaiser Wilhelm II Wedding Jubilee medal (replacement ribbon) EK2 1914 medals, first one is for combatants, second for non-combatants (replacement ribbon) both are magnetic Bayern 1849 loyalty medal (ribbon may be incorrect) Bavarian military service cross 3rd class Prussian jubilee medal, reverse has the following, along the rim it reads: Gestiftet im Jubilaumsjahr 1913, zur Erinnerungan 1813 und 1888. In the center it reads: Krieger Verein, gegr. 1.8.1879, Zucher. On the Front it has Wilhelm II Deutscher Kaiser Konig v. Preussen. I am sure the ribbon is a replacement. Prussian jubilee medal, 25 year anniversary of the war of 1870-71, ribbon looks period, just not sure if it goes with this medal.
  15. This is the first one I have gotten my hands on, could not argue with the price. But I need to educate myself a little more before diving into these bayonets.
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