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  1. large old picture of the return of the light brigade
  2. Many thanks for the information on the helmets.regards MickTaylor.
  3. Could anyone tell me what type of helmets these are .I think one is German ww1 not sure of the other one.The first helmet is just the shell ,rusty but no holes and plenty of metal let on the helmet.Second one has the liner and strap. Thanks MickTaylor
  4. I’m looking for Britain’s American civil war figures,North or South plus all the bits and bobs that go with that era. i will buy or can swap figures for model boats and military items thanks
  5. I’m looking to buy 1/6th scale knights in armour could anybody suggest a place/ shop that sells them.I also looking for a 1/6th scale French cuirassier ,they seem hard to come by.I have two sets of cuirassiers armour front and back plates and a spare back plate I’m willing to part x or swap.thanks for looking Mick Taylor.
  6. I've always liked flintlocks ,the military type.Shot once and then use it as a club.
  7. I think it's supposed to be HMS QUEEN MARY.It looks as if it's hollowed out from one piece of wood,there some metal parts inside for the steering.It came with a case which will not fit on the shelves,there is some age to it.thanks Mick Taylor.
  8. I think he was in one of the royal naval divisions. Smoked woodbines from the age of 14, worked down the pit for a few years,then had a holiday on the continent for a few years with free clothing supplied.Finished war back down the pit.Lived to the grand age of 85, legs like a cowboy ,big growth on the back of his neck,never had much money but was happy .
  9. I've three sons who are not interest in military stuff,BUT I think I've captured my grandson,and even the granddaughter theye seem interested or do they think grandad is a little daft.Time will tell if I've succeeded.
  10. I've had this ship for a few months,hand made a little rough around the edges but different.thanks mick Taylor.
  11. Two figures that are a little different,takes all sorts I suppose.
  12. Help needed ,I'm looking for a DKIG AND a iron cross 1st class.i would like both medals cased but not essential.thanks Mick Taylor.
  13. New helmet and face mask plus helmet with ears and part face mask.
  14. I'm looking for a German cross cased or uncased,iron cross first class cased or uncased and a German helmet ww1/2. Please contact me if you have any of these for sale thanks.
  15. Wanted ww11 German helmet,don't need anything special but all original.thanks Mick Taylor.
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