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  1. Happy Birthday RAF635SQ!

  2. A fine little collection you have there Fritz. The diamond got worn on a fair amount of clothing, from swimwear to ski uniforms.
  3. Happy Birthday RAF635SQ!

  4. I can understand putting in storage, they have little display space often and sometimes they will be planned back into later displays. Selling I do not agree with unless the museum purchased said items. If it was donated I believe it is the museums right to look after them, even if they stayed in storage. At least they will be safe then.
  5. There has been a mass influx of these tins all of a sudden. I have just returned from War & Peace with one myself. Apparently they came from a large find in Austria but I have never seen the design of tin before. That is not to say they are not real, but I am starting to have doubts considering the sheer amount that have turned up at once.
  6. Excellent thanks for sharing Colin! The Reichskampf Hamburg is such a beautiful and rare badge, it is on my wish list but these are as pricey as the uniforms!
  7. Welcome back! How have things been?!
  8. Welcome along, great collection so far!
  9. Thanks guys! Had a smashing one
  10. Happy Birthday RAF635SQ!

  11. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one
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