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  1. I think the Churchill was captured from Dieppe After the failure of Canadian landing in Dieppe on 22 August 1942, Germans captured 29 Churchills. Only two Churchill with 57mm gun were repaired and used by Pz.Kp.81 and were later incorporated into the II.Abt./Pz.Rgt.100.
  2. Hi Gild, yes I saw the new one advertised it does look good, not been to the cinema in years so will probably wait to see it on TV
  3. Yes, it's a scene from the 2011 film Isoroku Yamamoto C-in-C of the Combined Fleet, depicting the decisive American naval aviation attack on three of Nagumo's aircraft carriers that were central to the Japanese attack plan Akagi, Kaga and Soryuu during the fateful Battle of Midway 4th of June 1942
  4. Thanks Guys, yes luckily the forum was only down for a couple of days, it's strange how you don't really miss it until it's gone. More improvements will be made to the on-line shop in the coming weeks.
  5. Perfect Fritz, I knew you would know
  6. Thanks Fritz, what do you think this item is ? (Code: 2175) Imp.German 6 year long service medal - no such thing I could not find a similar one anywhere, do you think it's for the 6th Army? perhaps a commemorative medal?
  7. Agreed it is a copy, there was no L/4 the numbering system started with L/10
  8. Yes I agree Fritz, it was illegal, and only carried out secretly, that's why people like them, a touch of the Odessa File.
  9. Thanks Fritz, yes but I said the award was not an official issue, which makes it quite unusual. There were allot of German companies who continued to make awards after the war for veterans. Here is a Knights cross made by Souval with the description. a post war produced Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with Oaks & Swords...made sometime in either the late 1940's/50's or 1960's these RK's by Rudolph Souval of Vienna were I believe bought and worn by veterans in defiance of the 1957 regulations, Souval and other makers, Deschler,Deumer, St u L and Assman were usually represented at veterans meetings selling their wares either with or with out the swastika. I think this is what Gildwiller1918 has although not technically a 57 award it appears to me to be a post war manufactured Steinhauer & Lück Spanish wound badge. Here is a picture of a 57 pattern Steinhauer & Lück badge, you can see the hardware is very similar, even the brass pin.
  10. I think I have had one of those badges before, from memory it is a 1957 badge for the Condor Legion. I can't remember the exact maker but will look into it when I have more time as totally snowed under at the moment. If it is the badge I'm thinking of then it is actually quite a good one, as it is the only 1957 badge to feature a swastika. From memory the maker did not bother that the swastika was banned so it is not an official issue, which makes it quite unusual.
  11. Hi Guys, you may have noticed the forum has been down for a few days this is because we have been building a new on-line shop. Could you take a look please and let me know what you think, positive and negative. Let me know if there is anything which does not work or could be improved. All feedback will be greatfully received Also any features you would like to see as we now have the option to add new things like currency converters etc.
  12. Watched this at the weekend, it was actually quite good. The Norwegian version of Downfall.
  13. Black Watch Glengarry "Ladies from Hell" Dark blue crown and body with red pom pom, the Black Watch did not use a diced band. The regiment was created as part of the Childers Reforms in 1881, when the 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot (The Black Watch) was amalgamated with the 73rd (Perthshire) Regiment of Foot. It was known as The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) from 1881 to 1931 and The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) from 1931 to 2006. The source of the regiment's name is uncertain. In 1725, following the Jacobite rebellion of 1715, General George Wade was authorised by George I to form six "watch" companies to patrol the Highlands of Scotland, three from Clan Campbell, one from Clan Fraser of Lovat, one from Clan Munro and one from Clan Grant. These were to be "employed in disarming the Highlanders, preventing depredations, bringing criminals to justice, and hindering rebels. The force was known in Gaelic as Am Freiceadan Dubh, "the dark" or "black watch". Cap badge with the motto Nemo Me Impune Lacessit "Nobody provokes me with impunity" The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) is permitted to retain its most famous distinction, the red hackle. Originally thought to be as a reward for their achievement at the Battle of Geldermaisen in 1794, in fact there is evidence to show that the Red Hackle was worn by the Regiment during the American War of Independence 1775-1783. Under a plan devised by Lieutenant General Alistair Irwin and approved by General Sir Mike Jackson, on 16 December 2004, it was announced that the Black Watch was to join with five other Scottish regiments – the Royal Scots, the King's Own Scottish Borderers, the Royal Highland Fusiliers, The Highlanders and the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders – to form the Royal Regiment of Scotland as the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland (3 SCOTS) The battles which have contributed most to The Black Watch history have been those in which the odds have been most formidable. From Fontenoy to Fallujah with Ticonderoga, Waterloo, Alamein and two World Wars in between the Black Watch has been there when the world’s history has been shaped.
  14. I think the fact that Combined Operations Command is featured would date it around 1940 the date Combined Operations was formed. The code G.P.D. 365/18/33 would probably also help date it, but so far I have not been able to work out the code.
  15. Nice quality private purchased Luftwaffe Signals NCO's visor cap features a black center band with brown wool waffenfarbe piping to the crown. The front center of the cap has a second pattern silver washed alloy Luftwaffe eagle and silver washed alloy wreath with painted national tri-color cockade. Black patent leather chinstrap with two black painted metal retaining clips and two black painted metal buckles. The chinstrap is secured to the cap by two black painted metal buttons. The interior of the cap is fully lined in brown rayon. Celluloid center diamond remains with maker beneath of 'CARL HALFAR, UNIFORM-MUTZENFABRIK, BERLIN N.20 Prinzenallee 74'. The interior of the cap has a tan leather sweatband. Excellent unit marking 'IL/Ln.R.2' and date stamp 'APR 1938'
  16. Standard issue for use with Wireless Set 76 and famously used by Airborne Forces at Arnhem.General purpose British Army receiver for use in vehicles and ground stations .Serial number plate marked 'RECEPTION SET NO R 109 , SERIAL No 8317 , M.R. , Z.A. 11295 '
  17. Time Left: 5 days and 22 hours

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    Standard issue for use with Wireless Set 76 and famously used by Airborne Forces at Arnhem.General purpose British Army receiver for use in vehicles and ground stations .Serial number plate marked 'RECEPTION SET NO R 109 , SERIAL No 8317 , M.R. , Z.A. 11295 '


    - GB

  18. Hi Bayley, here is the poster in question, it's really just a propaganda poster to raise moral. It's a chart showing badges, decorations and medals for the Royal Navy, the Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines, Merchant Navy, and Combined Operations. The right hand side shows medals awarded for bravery and general service medals. The General Production Division G.P.D. was one of the few divisions to remain in place throughout the war,it undertook technical work under Edwin Embleton. The G.P.D. often produced work in as little as a week or a fortnight, when normal commercial practice was three months. Artists were not in a reserved occupation and were liable for call up for military service along with everyone else. Many were recalled from the services to work for the Ministry in 1942, a year in which £4 million was spent on publicity, approximately a third more than in 1941. £120,000 of this was spent on posters, art and exhibitions. Many extra designs were pre-prepared in order to cope with short lead-times and the changing events of war. As far as I know the 365/18/33 is just a reference number.
  19. As this forum is free with no membership fees, hosting and especially disc space can be expensive, the more data posted the more disc space is used. If you enjoy the forum or have found it helpful and would like to support it. Please make a donation, even a pound or two will help keep the forum free for everyone to enjoy. All donations will go to the running cost of the forum. You can donate at the donation box at the bottom of the forum. Thank you for your support.
  20. Decal is a copy but the helmet looks fine
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