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  1. Very nice Skylinechili, is it de-activated or a live firer?
  2. Welcome to the forum Old War Skule, Leon and Gildwiller are the brodie experts I'm sure they will be able to shed some light on the colour.
  3. I'm watching it for free on the BBC iplayer but you probably won't be able to get that in the US. The Blu ray box set is now actually quite cheap for all four seasons but I don't think Razor is included which is the one with the original Cylons, that can also be bought separately on blu ray and is extended with an extra 15 minutes which features mostly Cylons ( CGI unfortunately but still good to see the originals) I'm now on series 4 which has gone a bit strange but then the original series went a bit odd later on too, but it's still good so far. When I went back to Canada for a second
  4. I've only seen a few random episodes of Stargate SG-1 but the ones I saw were quite good. Same with the new Battlestar Gallactica series but the ones I saw I did not like at all, did not like the characters or the strange drums instead of music during the battles. However I did some research to see if any original Cylons were in the new series and turns out there were , so watched them and then started watching from the beginning. Now on series 3, I think I've watched over 50 episodes in the last couple of weeks. I'm even liking the new versions of the characters Colonel Tigh and Baltar even S
  5. Your father certainly had good taste and knew what he was looking for , you're very lucky to have such a nice collection
  6. Hi Boris, welcome to the forum, having the paint go onto the inner beading is not a bad thing and is seen on originals, however seeing the paint on the outer frame is odd. In fact the whole Iron cross looks rather odd, if I were you I would wait for a better example, what do you think Fritz?
  7. No problem John yes I would have gone for the top one too
  8. Yes the bad guys are always the best. Due to lockdown I've finally got round to watching the new series which is almost 20 years old now! Did not fancy it at all as the original is classic, however I must admit I am liking it allot , just about getting my head around the fact Starbuck is now a woman and Boomer is a Cylon but it's actually very good.
  9. Hi John, sorry I had to delete your last post as it went against the forum rules, as it had a commercial watermark on it, not fair on the seller if the comments are negative and they cannot reply
  10. As Fritz says they are very common medals usually in excellent condition, unless you really want it for the information on the citation I would wait and get one with all it's finish.
  11. That price seems about right, my only concern is there seems to be little finish on the medal but again it could just be the photo
  12. Yes that's correct but what I meant was the document was standard for the Luftwaffe Sudetenland medal. Most award documents are printed in a portrait view, where as the Luftwaffe Sudetenland medal was printed in a landscape view. Here is a pilots badge citation printed in the more common portrait view compared to another Sudetenland medal citation in the landscape view.
  13. Original medal and document, this is the standard Luftwaffe document the army and navy versions were different. There are fakes of the flower medals which you need to watch out for, especially the Memel medal which is more expensive. Here is an example of a fake, this one is called the "mask face fake" because the figures appear to be wearing masks, it is actually more detailed than the originals and can be found on all three flower medal variants.
  14. Hi John, that one is fine, maker marked 127 for Moritz Hausch A.G., Pforzheim
  15. Very nice you should keep that with the other two items, Max Grueber sounds familiar too but I'm not sure where from, I suppose it will be quite a common name, most likely a veteran of Army group A. Does the signature on the card look original it might well be if the print run was small. Fritz can you make out what the card says?
  16. Have you any Battlestar Gallactica items Gildwiller? There was not so much made but another area of nostalgia for me, here are some Cylons from the original series.
  17. Well done Skyline, that was a lucky find otherwise it could have taken for ever to identify, without doubt it is the signature of List, you should keep that document and the book together. What is the second List signature you have (post 4) it looks like a book from 1970?
  18. Yes that is one of the original German Karl Goetz medals, very few were made, I think a few hundred of the first and second ones with the corrected date. This would not have had a box and as Fritz says do not clean it. It is a nice item to keep but if you want to sell it probably best to put it into a well known auction such as Bonhams, a loose British one would sell for about £30-£40 an original Karl Goetz version would go for at least £500 upwards.
  19. Hi Jez, Peter has not posted on the forum in a while but hopefully he will see this. Thanks for sharing the further information about your family, always great to see the people behind these artifacts.
  20. Here is the English translation of the text Perpetrators lie next to victims, SS people next to concentration camp inmates. Up until the 1960s, thousands of people were buried as war victims in large grave fields at the Ohlsdorf cemetery. The grave of a former commandant of the Dachau concentration camp was even found here. But the grave site has now finally been destroyed, the tombstone has been shredded. In 2019, Christiane Schneider, a member of the Bundestag for the Left, uncovered the scandal and denounced that the grave of SS-Oberführer (Colonel) Hermann Baranowski was still being
  21. If the date is 7th Mai 1915 then that is the German made one by Karl Goetz, the second version he made after correcting the date. If you could post some pictures please, it should look like this.
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