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  1. Very nice Ian especially with the original cases.
  2. The shop will be re-opening on Saturday the 4th of July with social distancing in place of two customers at a time.
  3. Hi Dow47, welcome to the forum, sorry about the delay in replying, have been working late in the shop setting up social distancing measures for reopening on Saturday. Regarding your clock the term W146 and W246 refer to the calibre or movement of the clock rather than the outer case. So W146 would mean the movement resonates at 146,000 vibrations per hour and the W246 resonates at 246,000 vibrations per hour. Hope this helps. Could you post some pictures of the clock?
  4. The shop will be re-opening on Tuesday the 30th of June, however initially only for online sales. We have a very large amount of orders to be dispatched and these will need to be processed before we can open to the public. We estimate this will take about a week to complete and thank all those who have made orders for your patience. We are aiming to open to the public on Saturday the 5th of July this date will be confirmed nearer the time.
  5. Very nice Ian, and interesting back story too.... I bet you get allot of people saying "I don't believe it"
  6. Is this a double post Fritz, they both seem to be the same clip?
  7. Hi Ian, if it's in nice condition that sounds about right
  8. Time Left: 2 months and 19 days

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    The Treasure Bunkers First Book published by Schiffer publishing "The War Diaries of a Panzer Soldier" By Kenneth Andrew and David Garden. Erich Hager with the 17th Panzer Division on the Russian Front 1941-1945. If you would like a signed copy by Kenny please send an email or phone before ordering the book.


    - GB

  9. Here it is again, better watch it quick You tube tend to remove these full films very quickly
  10. Hi Ian welcome to the forum, your watch is made by Cyma a Swiss manufacturer of luxury wristwatches, founded in 1862 and still going today. There are lots of these watches mostly WW2 period which have fake insignia added to increase the value but this one looks like it might be OK. If you can find a serial number on it I believe it is possible to date it although I don't have the list at the moment. Fritz will be able to tell you more about it's history as this is more his period.
  11. Hi Black Jack , welcome to the forum. If it was my helmet I would just leave it as it is and put it on a shelf or display stand, would certainly not be removing the original rivet. That's the way it's been for all these years, best to leave it as it is, in my opinion.
  12. Excellent Gildwiller, love the full size stormtrooper and the Emperor. It's crazy they are even faking these items now. I take it most of your items are Kenner? In the UK ours were made by Palitoy who also made Action Man. The American toys were better in general than the Palitoy ones although now the Palitoy ones are worth more because not so many were made. I remember when I lived in Canada for a while coming home with my suitcase jammed with the American Death star, Dewback and loads of other Star Wars items you could not get here. The British Death Star was actually quite good in retrospect, it was made from cardboard but looked more like the Death Star and was much bigger. Here is my favourite autograph of Jon Pertwee Doctor No3 which he signed when I met him in the eighties, real Doctor who and not the rubbish which is on today.
  13. Very impressive Gildwiller Did you pick those up in the 70's and 80's ? That's when I had my Star Wars Collection, when I was still at school. Do you have the Boba Fett with the firing missile? I am impressed, you have almost as many stormtroopers as I did I see it is all the classic stuff, none of the modern rubbish. I loved Star Wars but was always more of a Doctor Who fan or rather a Dalek fan, as always the bad guys have the best uniforms
  14. The only thing I have left from my Star Wars collection is the white Tie fighter, it was very hard to get in the UK. I still remember going to see the film in 1977. Can you post a picture of the blaster Gildwiller?
  15. Let us know what you think of it Gildwiller, watch out for the monkey.
  16. This explains how Hitler tried to exchange Stalin's son for his nephew Leo Raubal who was captured at Stalingrad.
  17. Here are the helmets in use
  18. Gildwiller the film is called "Come and see" it's a very strange film to say the least. I remember seeing it when it first came on TV and had to switch it off half way through. When it was released on DVD I bought it and watched it again. It's well worth getting on DVD but whither you will watch it more than once is a different question. It is very accurate allot of the uniforms and equipment are original. Regarding the M1917 Enfield rifle, this could be accurate too perhaps WW1 or Soviet Lend-lease capture. Come and See is a 1985 Belarusian anti-war film filmed in the Soviet Union. Directed by Elem Klimov and starring Aleksei Kravchenko and Olga Mironova, its screenplay written by Elem Klimov and Ales Adamovich is based on the 1978 book I Am from the Fiery Village. The film's plot focuses on the Nazi German occupation of Belarus, and the events as witnessed by a young Belarusian partisan teenager named Flyora, who against his parents' wishes joins the Belarusian resistance movement, and thereafter depicts the Nazi atrocities and human suffering inflicted upon the Eastern European villages' populace. The film mixes hyper-realism with an underlying surrealism, and philosophical existentialism with poetical, psychological, political and apocalyptic themes. Come and See received generally positive critical reception upon release, and received the FIPRESCI prize at the 14th Moscow International Film Festival. It has since come to be considered one of the greatest films ever made. Come and See had to fight eight years of censorship from the Soviet authorities, before the film was finally allowed to be produced in its entirety. The original Belarusian title of the film derives from Chapter 6 of The Apocalypse of John, where in the first, third, fifth, and seventh verse is written "Come and see" as an invitation to look upon the destruction caused by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Chapter 6, verses 7–8 have been cited as being particularly relevant to the film: "And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, "Come and see!" And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth"
  19. Excellent example McJagger , welcome to the forum
  20. Previous photos enlarged and a car that once belonged to one of Germany's top Nazi leaders discovered forgotten and forlorn in a barn in Denmark, a fascinating story of its owner and his violent demise.
  21. Previous you tube clips re-added or replaced along with this new one
  22. Time Left: 1 month and 18 days

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    Early Italian-German African Campaign Medal. Awarded to soldiers of the Wehrmacht and Italian troops who served in the North African campaign. The medal is constructed from tombak with a bronze wash. Original ribbon is worn but no damage complete with period safety pin.


    Glasgow - GB

  23. The pictures looked good to me , maybe they have updated their software
  24. I did some research and their names are Arnold Huebner and Erich Heintze. Unteroffizier Erich Heintze (left) and Gefreiter Arnold Huebner (right), in a conversation with a radio war correspondent, April 1942. They were just received the coveted Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes (Knight's Cross of the Iron Crosses) a month before, in 7 March 1942. Heintze as a Geschützführer, while Huebner as a Richtkanonier. Both from 3.Batterie / I.Abteilung / Flak-Regiment 33 (motorisiert). The picture was taken by Bildberichter Eisenhardt. Unteroffizier Erich Heintze and Gefreiter Arnold Hübner, members of a Flak-Regiment, were given the high award by the Supreme Commander of Panzerarmee Afrika, Generaloberst Rommel. They have proven themselves in the highest degree through their heroic bravery and decisiveness during the fighting of the Panzerarmee on the north African front. Through the destruction of numerous tanks and enemy battery positions they have brought about decisive battlefield results. Erich Heintze In the middle of the fierce battles, Unteroffizier Heintze and his gun were repeatedly engaged in heavy firefights with the enemy without cover. In this time Heintze successfully led his gun and cannoneers. Despite heavy losses he repeatedly led them into combat while showing personal bravery and cold-bloodedness. Up until his wounding he and his gun alone destroyed 23 tanks and an enemy battery over the course of 20 engagements.” Arnold Huebner On the 16.06.1941, during Operation Battleaxe, the 3./Flak-Regiment 33 (mot) was positioned on Hill 208 (between Capuzzo and Sidi Azeiz). On this day one of its gunners, Gefreiter Huebner, managed to destroy 8 enemy tanks in just a few minutes. Two days later, on the 18.11.1941, the Batterie fought near Bardia while subordinated to the 21. Panzer-Division. Here Huebner eliminated another 8 tanks. In total Huebner was able to raise his total of destroyed enemy materiel to 24 tanks and an artillery battery. For this he was decorated with the Knight’s Cross as the first enlisted man of the Afrika-Korps to be so honoured.
  25. They seem very highly decorated for flak crew, have you any further information why they received the RK's?
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