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  1. not been back but great improvements must visit the shop again and soon

    1. kenny andrew

      kenny andrew

      Thanks Robert :-)

  2. Sorry to hear of the sad passing of a friend and I am sure he will be surely missed in the shop RIP Robert
  3. Agree with all you said Kenny if I was going to do a cime need to get one that works and is up to the job!! Being a re-actor it does cause the confusuion as work in the Police all I can say is that it is all the top nobs in Goverment that just want an easy way out and all then suffer ffor a few minor idiots that want to use guns in the criminal world your never going to stop it but in the mean time us collectors and re-actors just have to suffer maybe they will have more pressing worries like the Banks, Economy etc to worry about is collectors All the best ffor 2009 Robert.
  4. Hi There Just finished collecting the War Movies collection a total of 68 war movies some really good ones and some really old black and white classics. Best all time war movie, Where Eagles Dare and that classic line "Broadsword calling Danny Boy"" Excellent scenery really need to visit that castle !!!! Robert.
  5. well the list is long but some Hitler youth uniforms or anything from the Graf Spee or Bismark would be good. Trouble is with collecting King and country I miss out on the real stuff and always worried about fakes. Robert.
  6. Hi Kenny Just joined the forum and I have seen the figures at The NEC in Birmingham where Mike and Tony Nevillie had them on display Tony had done an excellent diaromma and they looked excellent think they will be a big seller and hopefully up in Glasgow they will sell well REgards Robert.
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