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  1. Nothing would surprise me these days Graeme..Britain is so secretive we get told nothing.But one conspiracy i do believe is the moon landing..it never happened!
  2. Great photos guys especially the black and white ones.Very real looking.
  3. Thanks guys.Went to the rugby in Edinburgh..less said about that the better.Good day though, like Edinburgh as it has good pubs and went for great meal.
  4. Its getting a good well researched semi academic release and there isnt much of that.All you get in this area is the usual dumbed down History/Discovery channel type stuff..and with plenty of mistakes!
  5. Ive stopped buying military book as ive at least 200 ive not read yet and probably wont get round to reading most of them! Stalingrad and Berlin both very good.Beever one of the better historians.
  6. Looks awful.Very fake and not quite right.Prefer the black and white as it should be.
  7. Yeah good story.Came across that in an article in the Herald a few years ago.I believe the poor bear was even wounded? Is that true.
  8. I saw the Flak towers.Enormous things,very impressive.There was no tour then.I need get my pics of Berlin up when i was there the first time in Sept 90.It was when the East German border guards had just left and everything was still intact.Quite amazing.You were able to walk across the wall into no mans land and over the ditches and car traps and climb up the towers which still had searchlights intact.It was a strange feeling knowing that only months before you would have been shot if you stood in that wide open ground completely exposed. Although the wall had come down the previous November the guards officials etc had only been dismissed weeks before we visited so everything was intact.Looking back i saw the end of a major period of history. I remember standing for thirty minutes in Potsdamm watching these very smart looking Mongolian Soviet military Police directing convoys of Soviet troops and their tank transporters and vehicles leaving Germany and heading eastward going home.Amazing memories.
  9. I was there twenty years ago and there was nothing left.Only history visible then was Checkpoint Charlie.
  10. Got the dvds and videos.Excellent film making.Olympia is her best i think.Just finished an excellent biography of her.Also recently picked up documentary dvd on her life.
  11. We dont deal with it very well because weather of this severity doesnt happen to often,therefore we dont invest money in better equipment etc for something that generally only happens every few years if that.In Sweden where my girlfriend is from they know its coming every winter and all cars by law switch to studded snow tyres,they invest in bigger ploughs etc.They are used to it and its part of their culture. And believe me they get snow that is six feet!..not six inches! But sometimes they get caught out too and schools close and trains etc stop. They respect nature for what it is.They generally dont go out at night nor do they wear inadequate clothing..something we excel at. We do moan a bit much though and behave as though a major disaster has unfolded.
  12. Believe me Broom there are still plenty of government stores in Eastern Europe particularly the Ukraine.The worry is that much of this stuff is serviceable and includes heavy ordnance.Quite often it falls into dubious hands via illegal payments to corrupt officials.
  13. WOW!! Thats amazing!! The Yamato looks awesome.Think ive found my new hobby!
  14. Lego Berghof!..Complete with mountain! Lego U-Boat would be nice!
  15. Think their called white trailer trash.We have them too..You see them on Jeremy Kyle.They sponge off the state,if only we could humanely gas them.
  16. I think this proves we wish we were all kids again...
  17. Han Solo thought it was pretty cool too..took out plenty of stormtroopers.
  18. Yeah we could just scrap our missiles and become CND! Hell,why dont we just get rid of our armed forces...after all Russia,China,Iran,North Korea,and all the other unstable regimes that might get hold of a missile are NOT a threat!
  19. I agree Greg,thats what i have thought would be the best way forward.We would save millions and still have our nuclear capability and be playing our part in Nato.
  20. Wind of Change by the Scorpions! Great song.
  21. Well we certainly dont need three! Nor do we have the finance or the manpower for a third.It becomes an issue of simply fulfilling the contracts to keep the shipyards employed.Its politics.The bigger issue is trident..and frankly we only keep trident so we can sit around the big table with the the other nuclear powers.We dont even have the independence of Trident,the Americans call the shots and we could only ever use them on their authorisation.
  22. Who cares Reece.Its our music and we love it and anyone who knows guitar and metal knows how technical and skilled some of the the musicians are.A high percentage of metal guitarists are classically trained.The musical press is rather snobbish and has always looked down on metal and some of its imagery.I personally laugh at indie music and how overrated it is.Some of the guitarists are awful.
  23. Damn heavy tunes Reece! I like your choices.Raise the horns!
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