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  1. Happy Birthday rabek1!

  2. Happy Birthday rabek1!

  3. Happy Birthday rabek1!

  4. Happy Birthday rabek1!

  5. Thanks sailor the saw doll if pretty cool it weighs quite a bit as its solid and has a nice paint job and stands on a solid base and has the saw logo in it ,it was a bargain price to at only 200 quid you can still get em i got mine in glasgow from a shop called stuff i seen they got more in stock last time i was in ,but they get there stuff from a site on the internet i know so if your interested in gettin one of these send me a message and can send you the email address of the site ,and ye house of 1000 corpses is a bit freaky woulda been great if captain spalding was in it more though the start of the movie is classic in his store lol
  6. Ye i seen a pic like that from the 30 was just like that one someone walking down the street looking like they were talking on a mobile phone its crazy stuff that chaplin vid is wierd defo looks like a mobile phone , iv watched a good few documenterys on timetravel and there are many ways to do it ,there is a time machine thats built and works but sofar it can only send particles back in time ,another machine that built you can only send stuff back from the day the machine if fist switched on so no jumping back to watch jimi hendrix at woodstock lol also they think most they will be able to send back with that one is information as most documentarys ive seen they say you would need the power of a whole star to send someone back so looks like proper time travel is gonna be still a good bit away ,Michio Kaku has alot of interesting stuff on this matter ,but whose to say that person in the chaplin vid isnt a real time travler they could have come from a few 1000 year in the future great vid well done Helen
  7. Ye Helen would be good to see but hopefully its not chick flick memorabilia lol
  8. ye mate ill take some picks of them tonight and post em and ye spalding is the best character the guys funny as hell lol ill post the movie pic ive got framed to its nice
  9. You you never know Kenny they might bring it in if they ever are in need of some cash ,I'd get them to write and sign a letter if you ever end up taking it off there hands that should work for a c.o.a would look nice in a glass case that piece , pity the farmer didn't take the whole plane he could off made a fortune selling it in parts lol
  10. Thanks kenny love that film house of 1000 corpses the devils rejects is good to though prefer corpses ive got the movie poster in my livingroom framed up ,got a few zombies in the packets sitting next to spalding from day of the dead and dawn of the dead bub was prob most expensive to get had to order him from the states hes hard to get
  11. Not only that a buyer would be wanting a cert of authenticity paying that kind of price on that ,and that's the hard thing to do with an item like that its always near impossible pinning an antique to a certain person so most dealers would sell it as it is an antique aircraft part from the 40's as its almost impossible to prove its from the Hess plane from a dealers point of view, they should have took the 1.5k offer and ran. lol
  12. Thanks mate i got the alien bust from a shop there long sold out of those busts so people are asking crazy prices for it now i seen it for 2500 lol i payed 900 for it ,as for the terminator i got that in glasgow outa that shop stuff thats prob where you seen it also got the saw billy pupet out of there to ,the terminator one is nice and the face removes lol
  13. Im new on here but happy birthday all the same and hope that avatar is your mrs lol
  14. Thanks Helen needing to collect smaller items now my as my flats bit packed lol
  15. Hope you all like my flats a bit crazy lol
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