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    My name is Luke I'm 19 and I collect weapons and militaria mostly soviet and communist items.

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  1. Happy Birthday broom of doom!

  2. Happy Birthday broom of doom!

  3. Happy Birthday broom of doom!

  4. Happy Birthday broom of doom!

  5. Happy Birthday broom of doom!

  6. I would love a german 42 but then again this is pretty much the same without any nazi stamps on it it was even made on the same machines lol I think I'll get an RPK next, a yugo one that is
  7. I havent been on this website in a while so thought I'll show a couple of new stuff, Ive brought a Yugoslav M53, and probably the most rare thing I have brought, 7.62×38mmR Nagant revolver rounds.
  8. Thanks for the advice guys I think I'm going to save up for an old spec nagant revolver with clear chambers because Ive just brought the original bullets for it in the box and everything and these bullets are so rare to find inert and they even come with the real soviet box they should be ok to put into the revolver
  9. I bet the's a good bit of engineering inside that drum mag the russians know how to make a weapon lol I got a mosin and a tokarev and now I want either an Ak47 or an RPK they just look great
  10. I thought that an old spec ak47 wouldnt have a weld in the barrel so it would be possible ? btw you might find this video useful for opening your drum magazine
  11. I just wanted to know with old spec deacts is it possible to load a round into the chamber ? like if it was an old spec Ak47 because I might save up for an old spec weapon
  12. Yeah I loved seeing all the weapons all the old soviet stuff I brought a dragunov bayonet a few weeks ago and I was watching the news and saw a rebel with the exact same knife opening a box of ammo and it was just cool to see it but Its great that he's now dead, and his golden gun was cool its like every dictators favorite accessory to have some kind of gold gun.
  13. video from youtube Did anyone else find it intresting to watch the revolutuion start of as protests and then the war and how gaddafi almost beat the rebels and now he is dead lol
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