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    I collect German medals.Main study is the wound badge.<br /> Also like to collect single and double medal bars
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  6. What part do you not get...Some of them dont care....Just dead german devils/.....Invaders. free money in the ground...Sorry for sounding hard.But not everyone thinks the same way as us. yes it is morally wrong....I also see things on the net like the remains of soldiers and their bodys. This is also n poor taste...Or medals and uniforms shot to hell and one knows the owner did not live. don
  7. Some people just dont care.....Some german pows did not get home until the late 50s I am not trying to be mean,just pointing out another side. don
  8. Gentlemen, Gentlemen Some Russians have been digging in many of the battlefields for years you can see it on line…Some make a living doing this .They use steel rods ECT to find pockets ect and dig out bunkers ect..Many also keep records of dog tags found… for those looking for info on loved ones...Note some items are worth a lot of money even from the ground like ss rings ect…Remember a invading army came to their homeland….They beat it and in many cases left every thing for the crows and the wind…Maybe some just dont care don
  9. Collecting german medals as I was once told,is like walking through a mine field with snow shoes on.Every one can get through.The advanced collector and the new guy also.You got to figure out the best way for you.My advice for a new guy. Never buy anything own your own to start.YOU WILL GET BURNT.Ask for help...Join some forums,ask for help. buy ONLY FROM WELL KNOWN dealers and collectors and ask for help.Only start on a couple of types of medals at first and study them.For example,if you wish to buy a wound badge ask people who study them.The same with eks ect.
  10. I will put this one in here,it will make some bigger eyes...Its real ...Did someone just put to geather? I do not know...I asked the son of the dealer I got from years later and he said it came from a big collection. don
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