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  1. Happy Birthday regiment739!

  2. Happy Birthday regiment739!

  3. Happy Birthday regiment739!

  4. Hi chaps This just arrived today, a very nice luger holster dated 1918 and made by N Burghard, Pasing. Inside has a unit mark of B.A.XI or clothing issue depot of Cassel. If anyone has any more info ref this mark could you please let me know. There is also a ink mark with R M and ?QMS. So for me I think that is some ones initials and the other bit stand for ? quarter master sergeant. Could be a "U" so could read Unit Quarter Master Sergeant. Again if anyone has any thoughts on this please let me know Cheers Ben
  5. Mmmm the pistol ban I had to hand in a stainless 686 Smith and Wesson 357, a Mk3 Browning, .22 & .32 Hammereli and a .22 Des Unique, and all my Lee Turret press shells powder etc, I gave the lot in and got the cash
  6. Lol Kenny, I have one, its being deactivated right now at Ryon arms, 1917 with hiolster, shoulder stock, cleaning rod the lot, I will post pics when i get it back
  7. This is a very nice 1942 Lithgow Vickers machine gun. It came with its transit box for both gun and tripod, 1942 dated ammo box and a belt with rnds. On a whole everything is in very good condition
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