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  1. Happy Birthday svein Terje Johannessen!

  2. Happy Birthday svein Terje Johannessen!

  3. Happy Birthday svein Terje Johannessen!

  4. Hi Kenny Thanks for the help on the SS cap insignial . Best regards Svein Terje
  5. Hi Got this item from a work colleague, and well is it original or not.
  6. A some weeks ago, construction workers found what is belivet to bee the german comandbunker for Festung Stavanger. Most of the bunker was full of water. The news article is in Norwegian so i would recommend using google translate. Enjoy http://www.nrk.no/rogaland/anleggsarbeidere-fant-tyskerbunker-1.11327837
  7. Thanks for the comment Leon21 I postet the flare gun on WAF and was given some more info about the gun. The maker is Heym, this maker made less than 400 of these aluminum version of the SLD. The serial number on my flare gun is 321. Got good feedback from the guy`s at WAF, so this Kriegsmarine double barrel flare gun, is a keeper. Best Regards Svein Terje
  8. Hi, The M42 SD helmet i recently got my hands on, is from the same place where dobell barrel flare gun was found. It was found in a house in Stavanger Norway, not to fare from were i live. The helmet is in good condition, since it was stored in an attic, sins the end of the war.
  9. Well got a new item to my collection, a german dobbel barell flare gun found in Stavanger Norway. Enjoy
  10. Happy Birthday svein Terje Johannessen!

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