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  1. Garde-Infanterie 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß, Potsdam, 1688, G.K. 2. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß, Berlin, 1813, G.K. Kaiser-Alexander-Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr.1, Berlin, 1814, G.K. Kaiser-Franz-Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr.2, Berlin, 1814, G.K. Garde-Füsilier-Regiment, Berlin, 1826, G.K. 3. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß, Berlin, 1860, G.K. 4. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß, Berlin, 1860, G.K. Königin-Elisabeth-Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr.3, Charlottenburg, 1860, G.K. Königin-Augusta-Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr.4, Berlin, 1860, G.K. 5. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß, Spandau, 1897
  2. Die Königlich Bayerische Armee Infanterie Infanterie-Leib-Regiment, München, 1814, I. (Bayr.) A.K. 1. Infanterie-Regiment König, München, 1778, I. A.K. 2. Infanterie-Regiment Kronprinz, München, 1682, I. A.K. 3. Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Karl von Bayern, Augsburg, 1698, I. A.K. 4. Infanterie-Regiment König Wilhelm von Württemberg, Metz, 1706, II. A.K. 5. Infanterie-Regiment Großherzog Ernst Ludwig von Hessen, Bamberg, 1722, II. A.K. 6. Infanterie-Regiment Kaiser Wilhelm, König von Preußen, Amberg, 1725, III. A.K. 7 Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Leopold, Ba
  3. Scabbards etc. were often re-numbered. The finish on the blade looks ok, this could have been period done. The scabbard looks as though it could do with some oil, otherwise the rust may increase over time. In the first picture the bayonet is the wrong way round in the scabbard, always worn with the release button outwards.
  4. Am not an absolute expert on iron crosses, but I will take a guess, could it possibly be from the maker 65 (not always marked), which is Klein & Quenzer in Idar-Oberstein/Taunus, there could be many more possibilities, you would have to compare with other examples. The ribbon looks like a good original as well.
  5. Kürassier Denkmal in Pasewalk Former Offiziers Casino, Pasewalk Villa Knobelsdorff, former Standortälteste Dienstgebäude Oberstleutnant Hans von Knobelsdorff was the last commander of the Regiment, 1913-1919 Since after 1990 taken over by a private investor, restored and now a hotel.
  6. Suffolk Regiment (Infantry - counties Regiment). They don't look like WW1 or WW2 pieces. I had a few singles many years ago. First of all, they should be on rough khaki serge sliders, they were embroidered in white for WW1, and WW2 versions have black embroidery. Of course, there were also the denim battledress blouses in WW2, but I haven't seen matching insignia, although much British cloth insignia was printed in WW2. These were in place of the previous otherwise brass shoulder titles. Examples: Kings Dragoon Guards, WW1 and later Royal Naval Division, probably WW
  7. Grabenperiskop Somme St. Divion St. Eloi, Minenkrater Stuff Redoubt, Mouquet In der Nähe von Rheims, 1918 Ten Brielen/Belgien Thiepval, Chateau Ovillers-La Boiselle Possibly Italian Front Hill 60 An der Marne, 1914
  8. Jäger zu Pferde by Döbrich-Steglitz Kemmelberg Deutsche Stellungen am Kemmelberg Langemarck, Kirche Langemarck, an vorderster Front Le Mesnil Le Mesnil, Verbandplatz Loos, Lorettohöhe (Notre Dame de Lorette) Lorettohöhe, 3. Juli 1916 Miraumont Berlin, 1. August 1914 - Mobilisation A sketch by Kronprinz Wilhelm
  9. Vorderste Linie Vorderste Linie an einem bewaldeten Bergkamm Sanitätswagen Infanterie-Regiment Freiherr von Sparr (3.Westfälisches) Nr.16
  10. Unterstand in Ovillers, Somme 1916 Unterstand mit allen Bequemlichkeiten Unterstand mit Kochstelle Rast in einem Stolleneingang Grenzübergang, Holland Einzug in Amiens, 1914 Erschießung von Saboteuren und Spionen
  11. A quantity of WW1 photos were sent to me just now...unsorted Langemarck, 1914 Vimy, April 1917 Zerschossene Munitionskolonne Fliegerabwehr Maschinenkanonen Schweres Geschütz bei Faverolles nahe Montdidier Beschuß von Ypres durch deutsche Artillerie Feldgeschütz mit Tarnbemalung Feldartillerie im Gefecht Ruine von Auchy Artillerie Beobachter mit Fesselballon Beisetzungsfeierlichkeiten für Gefallene Einquartie
  12. They could be WW1, WW2 or post-war, hard to say, these look a bit older, so they could be WW2. More commonly used were the cloth embroidered pips, as seen on WW2 battledress, etc. They have a good quality gilding and enamel. Also the split pins look vintage. Maybe someone else can recognise more. The pip in itself is a miniature of the Order of the Bath, with Motto: Tria Juncta In Uno, and depicting 3 crowns.
  13. Fritz

    Spare Parts

    Both, when parts of a uniform are missing, I look for original replacements.
  14. The Episode with Afghanistan, 1832 Das Trauerspiel von Afghanistan by Theodor Fontane Der Schnee leis stäubend vom Himmel fällt, Ein Reiter vor Dschellalabad hält, „Wer da!“ – „„Ein britischer Reitersmann, Bringe Botschaft aus Afghanistan.““ 5 Afghanistan! er sprach es so matt; Es umdrängt den Reiter die halbe Stadt, Sir Robert Sale, der Commandant, Hebt ihn vom Rosse mit eigener Hand. Sie führen in’s steinerne Wachthaus ihn, 10 Sie setzen ihn nieder an den Kamin, Wie wärmt ihn das Feuer, wie labt ihn das Licht, Er athmet hoch auf
  15. Chémin des Dames, March-April 1918 Eastern Front
  16. Just arrived yesterday, took ages with the post... Grip ring for a 2. pattern Luftwaffe dagger, iron, hard to find, as a replacement for a somewhat corroded piece. Kaiserliche Marine, officer uniform button, 25mm, marked "Feuervergoldet" Bavaria, a matching (left and right) pair of shoulder buttons, 17mm for the fieldgrey uniform, (hollow backed) tombak bronze, other ranks' issue Other ranks' cap cockades, Baden and Bavaria for the private purchase peaked or peakless cap
  17. Complete list of Husaren - Regiments of the Prussian Army added
  18. To Brexit or not to Brexit - Europe holds it's breath... What would the Scots say, who are as a majority voted against Brexit? In this exhibition (Ostpreußisches Landesmuseum Lüneburg) it can be seen that many Scots emigrated due to the situation in the British Isles - partly religious motivation, partly political (particularly the failed Jacobite Rebellion). Photo shows a Münzdeckelhumpen, the engraving on the lid reveals that a Scot, John Simpson (1695-1774) was Bürgermeister of Memel in his day and one of the wealthiest men in the town, his grandson Archibald MacLean (1772-1860) beqeathed
  19. First early attempts to protect against gas attack, Sächsisches Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 106, the 'R' is barely visible above the number Landsturm. Unusual that they have been issued with the latest fieldgrey uniforms, they have unusual footwear and wear the traditional Tschako of the Landsturm, here with field covers. They also have the proper cartridge pouches and other equipment and are carrying the Gew.88. The leader is here a Vize-Feldwebel with officer's sidearm and the regulation brown shoes and leather gaiters for officers. He is also wearing the spiked helmet rather
  20. "Einschlagmappe", folders such as this, a bit larger than Din-A4 for a quantity of documents, groups of papers, etc. larger sizes are also available, made bei Leitz or Falken, I'm sure they are obtainable in the UK, etc.
  21. Without cutting up a repro tunic, you could make a collar out of fieldgrey or darkgreen cloth, some repro traders offer rolls of cloth by the meter or less. The gasmask does look a little unreal, there are still plenty of masks around.
  22. The gold finish looks too nice to be wholesome, the iron backing plate has a gun-blued finish, it would be more a colourless dark irongrey tone, and the rust just does not look convincing, all just perfect. Usually most badges were of zink, the finish just does not last on these, as seen on many Bronze class examples still surviving. The Gold claps were often awarded personally by Hitler, this was a special privelege to the recipient, as it was a seldom awarded decoration and highly regarded. Here is one photo of Himmler with recipients of the Nahkampfspange in Gold
  23. "Im Namen des Führers tritt das Hohe Gericht zusammen und verkündet folgendes Urteil..." Dr. Roland Freisler, vom Rechtsanwalt zum Blutrichter Ein von Dr. Freisler abgelehnter Gnadengesuch für den Verurteilten Walerjan Wrobel, 1943
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