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  1. Hessen: Leibgarde-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 115, in fieldgrey felt Relatively few felt helmets have survived. This regiment wore white metal fittings only.
  2. Custom made Paletot for a Prussian Officer.
  3. Old stations in Berlin, which no longer exist nor operate, or have been demolished Görlitzer Bahnhof Anhalter Bahnhof. Ruins have been left as a monument Lehrter Bahnhof Stettiner Bahnhof (Nordbahnhof) Ostbahnhof (1987) Siemensbahn. Four and a half kilometre track between Gesundbrunnen and Siemensstadt, in disuse after 1980 Hamburger Bahnhof. In operation till 1884, since 1906 a museum. U-Bahnhof Französische Straße (Mitte). Re-opened after 1990, recently closed. Rangierbahnhof Tempelhof. In disuse since
  4. Кёнигсберга or Königsberg? Perhaps you could post a picture of the badge. There must be a lot left over there.
  5. N.B.: The ship described here is the former passenger steamer "Kaiser Wilhelm der Große", built 1897, not the S.M.S. "Kaiser Wilhelm der Große" - This was the ship which sank in 1914, the other was broken up in 1920: Broken up in 1920 in Kiel-Nordmole
  6. Towards the end of the war, an older, half blind Reserve Leutnant has the dangerous and difficult task of leading a transport of prisoners from a military jail to a Bewährungseinheit at the front. At the same time there is the constant risk of low flying allied aircraft. He is accompanied by two Unteroffiziere, who are also slightly disabled.' With Hannes Messemer als Leutnant der Reserve Bleck. Note, old style soft field cap he is wearing, now rare and much sought.
  7. Identical to the Austrian M.1867 Werndl bayonet
  8. Theodor Fontane, Zitate: Courage ist gut, Ausdauer ist besser ----- Wer aufhört Fehler zu machen, lernt nichts mehr dazu ----- Aus der Ferne diesen Wunsch: Glückliche Sterne und guten Punsch. ------- Alles hat seinen Preis, auch die Dinge, von denen man glaubt, dass man sie umsonst kriegt. ------- Alles verstehen heißt alles verzeihen. ------- Der Standpunkt macht es nicht, die Art macht es, wie man ihn vertritt. -------- Das Menschlichste, was wir haben, ist doch die Sprache, und wir haben sie, um zu sprechen. -
  9. They have now disappeared unfortunately. Perhaps I can find them again and repost them?
  10. Unusual but happened, the man on the other side. Major Höhne vom 25. Grenzregiment. Quote: "Auch bei der monatlichen Kontrolle der Grenzmarkierung begrüßte und verabschiedete man sich (Zeitraum Ende der 80er) militärisch vom BGS (wenn'se mal mitgelaufen sind) oder Zoll (die sind meist mitgelaufen) mit der Hand am Käppirand, aber wortlos."
  11. Brewery - I suppose this was worn by a form of Werksfeuerwehr or Werksluftschutz?
  12. In the EU there is no further trade whatsoever with deactivateds since 1. September 2019. The next step will probably render all possession illegal. They may neither be bought, sold, nor exchanged or given as a present, except for a surrender to the authorities. I can image these would then be destroyed by the authorities. That would no longer apply to Britain since Brexit, where English legislation is binding. I have heard about the treatment of collectors weapons where they are dismantled, the wooden parts are burned, and the rest is sent by a sealed delivery to a melting furnace for re-
  13. The latest law in the EU as from 1. September 2020 - no more deactivateds, no sale, no purchase, also no magazines over 20 rounds. Small parts are still permitted, but what good is a collection of small parts only?
  14. I think some dealers have started trading with de-activateds, but not certain, they state, UK sales only, no export to EU, nor to Scotland or N.Ireland.
  15. Updated with further images and impressions DDR Commemorative Medal for 750th Anniversary of the City of Berlin (East) 1237-1987, Böttger-Porzellan in Etui (Meißen) Souvenir Medal by the Staatsbank der DDR
  16. A 99-year-old veteran has been surprised with a repaired set of his Second World War medals allowing him to wear them for the first time. Ken Batt, of Loughton, Essex, had never worn the awards he received while serving with the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry during the conflict. But the gift from serving soldiers in his former regiment means he can wear his medals on his chest in time for Remembrance Sunday. Mr Batt was just a teenager when he signed up to the army, having earlier worked as an apprentice at the Great Western Railway company. More under following link: https
  17. No, I haven't purchased it, I was just wondering about the chances of restoring it. I know they are common, but not over here, I think the dealer wanted about 25 Euro for it, which is more than UK prices. I have taken time about getting one of these. About 50 years ago I had all the stars, except Aircrew.
  18. Christmas didn't happen this year, but Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year to all on the Forum Scene is probably in Potsdam (Heilig-Geist-Kirche) around 1910. Soldiers from 3 regiments of the Potsdam Garrison can be seen, from left to right: 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuss Regiment der Garde du Corps 3. Garde-Ulanen-Regiment
  19. x Trench on the Somme near Ginchy, August 1916. To the bottom left is a newspaper, the title of which reads "Hannoverscher Anzeiger". Possibly from J.R.74 or J.R.164. The shoulder straps bear a number 4 (?) when the photo is magnified.
  20. Both helmets are World War 2 period. First helmet with MB to the front is a civilian type helmet with laced in liner, similar to that used by Fire Watchers during the air raids, however the green paintwork might indicate something else, perhaps the MB stands for mobile bomb disposal units(?), just a guess as never seen one like that before. Both helmets are in a very good condition, probably because they were in a box so long, free from dust and rust. The second helmet is definitely a military type, presumably army with that type of finish. The symbol does look like an Owl 's head, no ide
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