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  1. Sedanfeier, Berlin, 3. September 1870 Enthusiastic youths climb the statue of Frederich the Great in Berlin, Unter-den-Linden, during the celebrations of the victory and capture of Sedan on 2. September 1870. Original photo
  2. "Seeteufel" Photos, Felix Graf Luckner *Dresden, 9. Juni 1881 - Malmö, 13. April 1966+ After 1918 A signatur portrait A private photo as a postcard Graf Luckner negotiated the surrender of Halle a.d. /Saale and saved the city from destruction, 17.4.1945 Graf Luckner was renowned for his ability to tear up a thick telephone directory with his bare hands
  3. The sequel, Ein Kapitel für sich - full length
  4. Carl Zübke, Mainz - looks like the manufacturer
  5. Walter Kempowsky * 29. April 1929 in Rostock; † 5. Oktober 2007 in Rotenburg an der Wümme Famous last words: "Ich werds dir lohnen im späteren Leben, einstweilen besten Dank!" The chronic of a family in Rostock till the end of WW2. True story. Filmed for television in the 1970s. The postwar years followed in the series "Ein Kapitel für sich". Wo tränen fließen, kann nichts gelingen. Wer schaffen will, muß fröhlich sein!
  6. A further line added in my first post, "A friend of mine had..."
  7. London, 1936, Funeral for Leopold von Hoesch, Diplomat (Grenadier Guards) Source: https://www.forces.net/heritage/history/when-grenadier-guards-marched-nazi-flag-past-buckingham-palace
  8. Missing is the symbol on the bows deck - which can be seen in original photos, even on the wreck this is still visible.
  9. These medals, like all other SS items are highly faked. The originals were either bronze or later iron or zink with a black finish, they should have the teardrop shaped ribbon ring, as in the picture you posted. The ribbon looks original, whether the medal is original or not, I cannot say, it certainly does not look old, the quality of the piece seems good, but that is no criterium. You would have to get some qualified expertises on this item. I remember a friend of mine had a definite original in the late 1960s, I don't know what he paid for it, it had no ribbon, but did have the correct p
  10. Just pictures, no texts. There are no protests, there is no mention of this in the press or by politicians „Wir sind in einer Zeit, in der Menschen mit dem Wort ‚heilig‘ nichts mehr anfangen können.“ – Straubinger Stadtdekan Johannes Plank Bamberg A church in France St. Dié Straubing Luxembourg Wattenheim, Mannheim Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg Stiftskirche, Stuttgart Ottnang-Vöcklabrück/A A school in Worms/Hessen Graffiti in Hamburg and surrounds Fires
  11. Treasure Bunker Shop. One rule on this forum is not to make any reference or advertising for anyother shops, dealers or their sources. See rules section.
  12. It shouldn't been too hard to find an Eastern Front medal, there are still plenty available. Best to get an example with the manufacturer's number on the ring, the prices of these can vary. Try and post a few pictures of your new Iron Cross when you get, so that you can get a few more opinions on it. Maybe someone can identify the manufacturer even without a number on.
  13. These four photos were just received from the granddaughter of Otto Dierssen, who served in Husaren-Regiment 15. One of the photos however, shows soldiers from another regiment, identifiable as Mecklenburgisches Dragoner-Regiment 17 (Ludwigslust).
  14. I would assume it is ok. No maker's mark on that one, is now gone/reserved.
  15. Some Military trumpet signals: (click) Alarm Wecken Rasch vorwärts 40 Alarm.mp3 35 Wecken 2. Post.mp3 more under: (MP3) https://www.kavallerieverband.de/wissen/kavalleriesignale/ 19 Rasch vorwaerts.mp3
  16. Do you have the other items of 37 equipment to go with this?
  17. A lucky find, becoming harder to get and more expensive, I missed a few cheap offers a few years back.
  18. Two rather iconic pictures I remembered from a book... Bergführer im Hochgebirge. After 1938 Gebirgsjäger, Ski
  19. Wartime Deutsche Reichsbahn photos Truppenverpflegung, 1940 Wehrmachtverpflegungsstelle, Bahnhof Saalfeld/Saale, 1942 Plakat: Räder müssen rollen... Zurückbleiben! Der Zug fährt gleich ab... Entgegennahme von Meldungen am Dienstfernsprecher, 1942 Gleisschaltung Stationsvorsteherin and Lokführer, 1943. Women were conscripted to war service. Publicity photo, 1942 Fahrkartenkontrolle, Düsseldorf-Wuppertal, 1943 Berlin, 1944 Wirballen/Ostpreußen, Lok from the RVD Riga S
  20. This was the highest Prussian military award (for other ranks), sometimes known as the "Pour le Mérite for Unteroffiziere and Mannschaften". Awarded only to non-officer grades. Established in February 1864 for military valour and ceased at the end of World War I. The decoration was orginally all gold, but by mid 1916 gold was replaced by silver with a gold finish. Most originals found have a silver appearance with only slight traces of gold. Not to be confused with the Militär Ehrenzeichen I. Klasse, which was identical, but in silver. Recipients received a special pension at the end of thei
  21. I haven't touched the wooden grips so far, the photos are, as arrived. Have since discovered on 2 different pages recently emerged, one example on a UK page, the other in Austria, one of these bayonets has an acceptance mark crowned 'O' and 1912, the other without a detailed description but otherwise identical, apart from the lugs on the first example. Apparently 3rd Reich re-issue. ------------- Further example, with crowned 'O' 12, and maker, Alex Coppel, otherwise identical. Screw for scabbard throat is missing.
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