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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Fritz

    Re.: German medals as worn: They were either formally mounted as a very tidy group or not at all. Otherwise in 2nd buttonhole, only on day of bestowal.Otherwise, just the ribbon.

  3. Fritz

    The dedication medal depicted would be from a Veterans' Association at Cölln and it's environment. This would be probably not Saxon, more likely Prussian due to the Iron Cross depicted. Cölln would be the old spelling for either Köln (Cologne) or Neuköln, a suburb of Berlin. Could possibly habe been worn on a ribbon by veteran members of the Association, or on their Assn.flag./standard

  4. Importing firearms to Republic of Ireland or Greece. Best thing to look in internet. Find out an address of a local (reputable) gunsmith in the locality of the potentional customer. Arrange to get this sent to the gunsmith, who should then arrange for completion of import formalities for that country. Also ask your own local gunsmith for his cooperation if need be. Many years ago, I got a couple o

  5. Joke: How does a German policeman arrest somebody?

    Policeman: Knock Knock.:

    Victim: Wer da?

    Policeman: Polizei - aufnachen! Mitkommen!

  6. An MP440 Sling is attached through a recess above the rear grip and at one side of the barrel bottom end, bing a steel loop. The sling is smilar to the rifle sling, but not having a leather "flange" to fit the rifle but. one end of the strap oes through a sliding buckle, the other end has a buttonhole closure fixed by a removable steel stud (button), similar to the gasmask strap fitting.

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