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    Collecting for many years now. Mainly Imperial German, old States, Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, Württemberg, etc., orders, decorations, documents, militaria, Pickelhauben, tunics, accoutrements, weapons, etc., also 3rd Reich, same aspects.

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  1. More photos of the Petersburger Straße Petersburger Straße 28, was built around 1904, four very high floors with attic flats added after the reunification View from the top balcony of the 4th floor in northerly direction towards Landsberger Allee and Prenzlauer Berg. February 2000 View in southerly direction towards Bersarinplatz and Karl-Marx-Allee View North-East towards the crossing at the Kochhannstraße. Note the tramlines in the centre of the road.
  2. Fritz

    Naval Battle of Malaya

    Very good stories. With the lack of an aircraft carrier escort, the two vessels obviously had no chance against overwelming numbers of attacking aircraft. Why did they send them without support?
  3. An old photo of the British WW1 items I had. The steel helmet was all complete, and with 1916 War Office stamp. Uniform and all web equipment in photo, side pack (haversack) and complete water bottle, as well as the trousers and puttees. Never had the boots. Both the soft field cap with white cotton lining, dated 1922, the other stiffened cap with a black oilcloth liner. There are also a few French items of WW1 - a Képi for a captain of the 14. Regt. d'Hussards, silver trim. An artillery steel helmet.
  4. Text updated with an important and remarkable comment by the Kaiser!
  5. A better image of the silver and black wound badges of 1918 The silver badge is made of Zinc (Kriegsmetall), the black version is of Iron.
  6. 2 Shillings and 6 Pence, issue by British Military Authorities, undated wartime issue, probably 1945 Allied Military Authorities, series 1944, issue for Austria (former Ostmark) 2 Schillinge and 5 Schillinge, valid only for Austria, which had been separated from the rest of the Reich after the Allied occupation. N.B.: A reunification with the rest of Germany is still officially prohibited by Allied Law! Collected in Austria by a member of the 8th Army, Sergeant Carter from Chingford/Essex, who had served in North Africa and Italy, and was decorated with the Military Medal and the French Medaille Militaire. Some of the other notes are also from his estate.
  7. Deutsches Reich, 3rd Reich: 20 Reichsmark, issue 16. June 1939 20 Reichsmark, undated earlier issue by Hauptverwaltung der Reichskreditkassen
  8. Deutsches Reich, Kaiserreich: 100 Mark, 1908 20 Mark, 1914
  9. Deutsches Reich, Weimar Republik, Inflation year 1922 issue 1 Thousand, 5 Thousand and 10 Thousand Mark notes. 1920, Banknote for 100 Mark
  10. Fritz

    Friedrich II., King of Prussia

    Friedrich II., "die Tafelrunde von Sans Souci", painting by Adolph von Menzel, 1850. This painting was in the Nationalgalerie in Berlin until early 1945, then evacuated. To the centre, Friedrich in conversation with Graf Algarotti, between them General von Still, far right Lordmarschall Georg Keith, right of the King, Marquis d'Argens, Graf Algarotti, Feldmarschall James Keith, Graf Rothenburg and La Mettrie, far right, Voltaire. The painting is thought to have been destroyed, when the great Flakbunker in Berlin-Friedrichshain, in which priceless treasures and works of art were stored for safety was set on fire by drunken Russian soldiers after the fall of Berlin. Das Bild zeigt die Tafelrunde König Friedrichs des Großen im Marmorsaaal des Schlosses Sanssouci Friedrich II. hinten in der Mitte, wendet sich links Voltaire zu, der auf dem zweiten Stuhl links vom König sitzt und über den Tisch hinweg ein Gespräch mit dem Grafen Algarotti führt. Zwischen den beiden sitzt General von Stille, ganz links Lordmarschall Georg Keith, rechts vom König Marquis d`Argens, Graf Algarotti, Feldmarschall James Keith, Graf Rothenburg und La Mettrie, führende Köpfen der Berliner Akademie.
  11. An Imperial Russian banknote over 500 Rubel, 1912 issue. Reverse with portrait of Peter the Great.
  12. x Great Britain, 10 Shilling note, last issue before 1971 Hong Kong, Crown Colony, Elizabeth II., 1 HK Dollar. France, 10 Franc note, late 1960s - early 1970s. With portrait of Voltaire. France, 50 centimes, local currency, Région Provencale, possibly war or emergency issue, valid till 31.12.1922, from my father.
  13. Two exercise books from the posession of J. St.C. Clarke An old postcard from the possession of J. St.C. Clarke. Antrim Castle was the headquarters of the North Irish Horse Two pocket diaries of 1935 and 1945. Latter from the posession of J.St.C.Clarke, the other from his sister in law.