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    Collecting for many years now. Mainly Imperial German, old States, Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, Württemberg, etc., orders, decorations, documents, militaria, Pickelhauben, tunics, accoutrements, weapons, etc., also 3rd Reich, same aspects.

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  1. Ein Bild vom Wahlkampf 1932 in Hessen - Bild Nr. 26 In diesem Werk gehören die 6 Bildergruppen 62-67 A picture of the election campaign 1932 in Hessen Picture no. 26 In this volume belong picture groups 62-67 As kenny stated, from the album The first photo shown could possibly be a real photo, produced as a postcard, as I mentioned before, on a mass scale The stamp on the back could mean that this one was distributed from Schleswig-Holstein. As Jean Paul mentions, "argentic", (fr.) argent (Ag) meaning silver - photos were on a silver bromide (AgBr) basis on prinicple
  2. Colonel in Chief, Kings Dragoon Guards In Russian General's uniform In Austrian Field Marsall uniform In the uniform of the Gardes du Corps Visit to Constantinopel, 1916 Exile in Doorn
  3. It was a mass produced image, but has photo qualities, and is probably "Fotodruck".
  4. when I click on the above link, I get the same picture as before (the fieldgrey pieces shown, same as second picture), probably because I moved the object.
  5. They don't always have a number, but a number is always a bonus, as you then know the manufacturer. Not all ribbons are grubby.
  6. Looks ok to me. Made of zink with the remains of a gilt bronze finish. There may be a small number stamped into the ring for the manufacturer. On the reverse of the envelope may be the (matching) name of the manufacturer. I have a similar example directly from the veteran who earned it.
  7. I assume judging by the photos and not being a rare decoration, that it would be original. There are copies on the market. The ribbons on these decorations are usually clean and look unused, also the decorations usually turn up in good condition, as they were seldom worn, and there were a lot of unissued stocks at the end of the war. Prices would be about 40-60 depending on crispness, more with the original case, which should should have a gold impressed 40 at the front.
  8. Restoring a Heinkel He 111 at the Battle of Britain Museum in Hawkinge
  9. Königlich Sächsisches Garde-Reiter-Regiment, Dresden, fieldgrey early 1915. One of the oldest regiments, founded 1680 Label with personal details of wearer (added before 1989)
  10. Königl. 1. Sächsisches Leib-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 100, fieldgrey 1915/16 (stitch-in type) Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 244, Leutnant, fieldgrey 1915/16 Königl. Sächsisches 3. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 102, Zittau Königl. Sächsisches 4. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 103, Bautzen Königl. Sächsisches 5. Infanterie-Regiment Kronprinz Nr. 104, Chemnitz Königl. Sächsisches 6. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 105, Straßburg/E. Königl. Sächsisches 7. Infanterie-Regiment König Georg Nr. 106, Leipzig, fieldgrey, 1915/16 2 variations in pattern, left are stitch-on, right are stitched i
  11. Königlich Sächsisches 1. Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 12, Dresden-Königsbrück, old type (with monogram in 1913) Königlich Sächsisches 7. Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 77, Leipzig Uniforms of the Saxon artillery were dark green, the shoulder straps square topped. Königlich 3. Sächsisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 32, Riesa.
  12. It depends on how many photos in the album and what sort of photos. Some albums can be very expensive, it depends whom they belonged to and the contents. Some can be very "hum-drum" and routine photos of service life, which is also interesting, but some can have some really dramatic pictures from the front or well known persons.
  13. Not a rare decoration, but extremely nice quality. With the case it is obviously worth more, many of the cases are no longer in top condition, this example still has an original label of supplier/maker, which is an additional bonus. I would say, as far as UK prices go, at least 45 pounds to around 60. Best to do some research in internet to see what the average prices are. Why the coin over the Swastika?
  14. It is old, and the helmet on the front is definitely pre-1945
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