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  1. x Air Force Museum, New Zealand In the Australian War Museum in Canberra (control column. and part of gyro compass) Fur overboots worn by Richthofen on his last flight. Australian War Museum, Canberra In private posession The piece belonged to Wilfrid Reid “Wop” May as he was the last person the famous Red Baron chased. It’s now part of the Royal Alberta Museum’s vast collection of Great War artefacts. Royal Alberta Museum, Canada Imperial War Museum, London
  2. A studio photo of a Husar in full uniform, most likely from Husaren-Regiment Kaiser Franz Joseph von Österreich-Ungarn (Schleswig-Holsteinisches) Nr. 16, based in Schleswig. The uniform jacket and cape are light cornflower blue, noticeable in the photo. Studio is J. Vahlendiek in Schleswig, hardly legible in fine gold print, now very faded, as is the rest of the photo. A re-work using photoshop, contrast raised, now a little more disctinct. Many thanks to wpf.
  3. Bavarian Artillery (!) - certainly has the right colours. Volks - Trachten are also a form of uniform and very traditional in Bavaria, Austria and the other Alpine lands. This is a vintage piece for a junior, all fine light grey wool serge, better known as Loden, with the traditional dark green facings and piping in another colour, unlined, as usual, and with a deep central pleat to the rear (Kellerfalz) and green piped half belt fastened by a single button, similar as found on military greatcoats. The shoulders are also decorated with dark green wings in a reduced form, these shoulder Wülste
  4. Magzine for MP 38 & 40, dated 1942 with maker's code kur, being Stey-Daimler-Puch, Warschau or Graz Waffenamt Wa815
  5. The photo studio in Wandsbek, long closed is clearing out, times have changed. I was given these pictures yesterday. The poster at the top centre states - So flogen wir damals - und so fliegen wir heute - VARIG, 1927-1987, apparently a Brasilian Airline. The topic here is aviation. Wandsbek had an airfield from shortly before World War 1 till the mid 1930s. A zeppelin is also recorded as passing over Wandsbek, here the industry park with the cocoa and chocolate factory in the Neumann-Reichhardt-Straße, now run by Nestlé. One photo also shows Adolf Galland.
  6. Following items were borrowed from the Museum: The headdress is an older copy using some original parts Bandeau is original, has been overpainted in aluminium paint Metal cockade is from a Prussian police Tschako of the 1920s-early 1930s, should be either cloth or of velvet and white cord The chinscales are flat and of white metal, wrong, they should be convex and yellow metal, the side posts also - these parts are probably from a helmet of the 1st. Foot Guards The busby bag is of yellow cotton, should be fine yellow wool doeskin cloth The fur is foalskin, shou
  7. Memorial for Manfred von Richthofen in the park in Schweidnitz, Wallstraße An early post war photo The memorial in it's present day state Belin-Tempelhof, Manfred-von-Richthofen-Straße
  8. Ca. 1981 - two of the last Husars, Alfred Behrendt, Frau Hennings and Hans Dose Hans Dose died in Summer 1999 at the age of 101
  9. Restoration contract was given by the Denkmalamt Hamburg in coordination with the Bauabteilung of the Bezirksamt Wandsbek, completed in mid March. Costs were about 100.000 Euro. The old memorial of 1923 will also be restored by the end of the year, a spokesman stated. Photos by Nancy Bohn and Isabel from Stuttgart
  10. Unusual Film shows scenes that were never meant to be seen
  11. Nice set, distinctively different to the RAF pattern, looks a bit more grey in the photos than the usual RAF blue. If you have the right insignia and can properly stitch it on, would be ok in my opinion. What you need now is the correct headdress to match. I'm sure there are a few more on the forum, who can advise you better on this.
  12. Alte Kameraden - die letzten Reiter, 1981 Hugo Andersen, Hans Dose, Bruno Stoffers Gravestone Bruno Stoffers, Bad Oldesloe Not sure where these photos were taken, 100 Year anniversary of the Regiment, 1966. To the far right one man is wearing the uniform of Husaren-Regiment 16
  13. They were not bodyguards in the modern sense of the word, and did not "flank", but remained in rank and file.
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