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  1. Was given this old Feuerwehr helmet and this military style belt just now. Latter is most likely postwar as it is rivetted and not stitched, it also has a two-prong buckle made of better quality white metal or Neusilber, more likely post war, the two sliding loops are missing. Items from two diffent wearers. I was given these by Nancy Riedel, who told me, the helmet was from her uncle Stichting in Wanna (Niedersachsen). The helmet is probably post WW1 and pre-1935, could be even older, and most likely worn by the Freiwillige Feuerwehr in the area of Wanna - asumedly as there is no cockade, and the badge does not have any particularities, just general firebrigade symbols of helmet, axes and water hose, there is also no Prussian cockade, which would otherwise be state firebrigade, so therefore most likely volunteer brigade, of which there were many. The helmet has the same construction as a Pickelhaube, just different mountings and a different strap, the lining is also standard for a Pickelhaube. Very dirty, dusty, cobwebs, the leather form dry and slightly deformed, fittings oxidised, and badge is loose, one of two fixing posts is missing. Has suffered from years of bad storage. Right hand rosette is very much oxidised with verdigris, cleaning could prove difficult. Belt of post-war vintage, as often worn by Police, Bundesgrenzschutz Fireservice or civil defences, etc. an leather, outside blackened.
  2. East Prussia in the 12th Century The Pruzzen in the Baltic Area in ancient times. Martyrium of Albrecht of Prag at the hands of the heathen Pruzzen in 997 A.D., a similar fate was met by his successor, Bruno von Querfurth in 1009 A.D., 12th C., bronze-relief on the church door of Gnesen / Gniezno. Die Missionierung der Prußen begann im Jahre 997, als der böhmische Bischof Adalbert von Prag, unterstützt vom polnischen Fürsten Boleslaw I., bei den Prußen missionierte, wobei er das Martyrium erlitt. Ein ähnliches Schicksal erlitt sein Nachfolger Brun von Querfurt im Jahre 1009. The Crusades in the Baltic - Herzogtum Preußen and the Deutscher Orden (Order of the Teutonic Knights), prior to the Battle of Tannenberg in 1410 A.D. The Christian armies of the West and the Teutonic Knights suffered a major defeat against the Slawic-Polish-Lithuanian armies at Tannenberg. Tannenberg, 15. July 1410 as seen in the Berner Chronic by Diebold von Schilling d. Ä. Deutsche Ordensritter, early 15th C. The Marienburg, centre of the Deutscher Orden in Prussia
  3. Chris Farlowe, Tours 2019 http://www.hamburgbluesband.de/tourdates.html Fr. 04.01.2019 Koblenz "Café Hahn" feat. Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Sa. 05.01.2019 Garching "Gasthaus zum Bräu" HBB feat. Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Mo. 07.01.2019 A-Salzburg "Rockhouse" feat. Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Fr. 11.01.2019 Hamburg "Downtown Bluesclub" HBB feat. Maggie Bell & Krissy Mtthews Sa. 12.01.2019 Schwerin "Speicher" feat. Maggie Bell & Krissy Matthews Do. 17.01.2019 Bonn "Harmonie" feat. Maggie Bell, Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Fr. 18.01.2019 Bensheim "Rex" HBB feat. Maggie Bell, Stoppok, Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Sa. 19.01.2019 Affalter "Zur Linde" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews So. 20.01.2019 Dortmund "Piano" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Di. 22.01.2019 A-Linz "Arbeiterkammer" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Fr. 25.01.2019 Oldenburg "Charly´s" feat. Krissy Matthews Fr. 22.02.2019 Hannover "Blues Garage" feat. Chris Farlowe, Maggie Bell & Krissy Matthews Sa. 23.02.2019 Plauen "The Ranch" feat. Maggie Bell & Krissy Matthews Fr. 08.03.2019 Bordesholm "Savoy" feat. Pete Brown & Krissy Matthewes Mi. 10.04.2019 A-Wien "Reigen" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Do. 18.04.2019 Hamburg "Fabrik" "JON HISEMAN MEMORIAL" feat. Colosseum´s Chris Farlowe, Clem Clempson, Mark Clarke, JCM, Ralph Salmins, HAMBURG BLUES BAND, Arthur Brown, Adrian Askew, Tom Ridout & Krissy Matthews Fr. 26.04.2019 Halle "Objekt5" feat. Maggie Bell & Krissy Matthews Sa. 27.04.2019 Winterbach "Lehenbachhalle" feat. Arthur Brown, Stoppok, Maggie Bell, Pete Brown, Adrian Askew & Krissy Matthews Di. 30.04.2019 Weil am Rhein "Altes Rathaus/Gewölbekeller" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Mi. 01.05.2019 Nürnberg "Hirsch" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Do. 02.05.2019 Dudenhofen "Festhalle" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Fr. 03.05.2019 Ravensburg "Zehntscheuer" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Sa. 04.05.2019 Offenbach "KJK Sandgasse" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Sa. 08.06.2019 Mützingen "Alte Ziegelei/Mützingenta" HBB & Friends special Fr. 20.09.2019 Joldelund "Guitar Heroes Festival" feat. Krissy Matthews Sa. 05.10.2019 Forst "Manitu" feat. Maggie Bell & Krissy Matthews Fr. 11.10.2019 N-Asker Bluesclub "Asker Bluesclub" feat. Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Sa. 12.10.2019 N-Nes "Nes Blues Club" feat. Pete Brown & Krissy Matthews Mi. 30.10.2019 Crimmitschau "Theater Crimmitschau" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Do. 31.10.2019 Kirchheim/Teck "Bastion" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Fr. 13.12.2019 Melle "Kulturwerkstatt" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Sa. 14.12.2019 Torgau "Kulturbastion" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Do. 19.12.2019 Berlin "Quasimodo" feat. Chris Farlowe & Krissy Matthews Sa. 21.12.2019 Worpswede "Music Hall" HBB and Friends feat. Chris Farlowe, Krissy Matthews u.a.
  4. Seen a similar example in London's Imperial War Museum many years ago. Watch out for repro Demag daggers, which have been around for many years now. They are thought to be made in India, quality of manufacture is not bad, just the leather parts, being black, make it look too un-authentic, apart from being without any finish and quite blank. If buying a repro, then it is a question of the price, too many offers are overcharging. Otherwise, normal trench daggers have become very expensive in the past few years. Another apparent reproduction, which might easily fool collectors. Demag type trench dagger, repro
  5. I had one like that many years ago - about 1966/67, with the "woodchip" finish, but slightly darker. It had a slight dent the the rear of crown, and a roughly red painted "Smith" at the back, otherwise all complete. I'm quite sure it was a WW2 example.
  6. Most MG 42 items offered are simply Yugo postwar or even Bundeswehr copies, not even original WH, they would cost a fraction of the price.
  7. Excellent. However the correct word is "Lafette". Lafayette was the name of a French aviation squadron with almost completely American volunteers 1915-17, named after the French Admiral, who assisted during the American war of independence, 1776-1783.
  8. Backpacks were made of cowhide (Kalbsfell) since 1718. I have a 1915 example, which I will post at a later date.
  9. The restauration of the statue has finally started. On 13th August the statue was dismantled and brought to Berlin for an intensive restauration. The work is thought to be completed by the end of the year. Photo: Wandsbeker Wochenblatt 33 / 14.8.2019 21. August 2019
  10. Excellent. Probably one of the best postwar German films so far, although quite a few good ones were made in the 1950s strangely enough, although memories of the war were still very fresh. Also the films made through the 1920s till 1945 were brilliant, basicly soldiers acting as soldiers, many WW1 veterans included. All Quiet on the Western Front was also a great film, although made in America, it was directed by Carl Lämmle, and basicly a German production. Das Boot was also a great film. I have posted a few films here and there on Treasure Bunker, mainly under the youtube section.
  11. Looking more closely at the shoulder pieces, I see the rank is Oberleutnant, not Leutnant!
  12. "Back to the dark ages..." another couple of comments just to round this up.
  13. I'm not an expert on these badges, have never really started up on them. Was always of the opinion that the badge was awarded in small numbers. I would say the rear of the badge looks proper, the rivets are properly done, needle and catch are of the right kind. The badge is of Zinc and the extra applied eagle is non-zinc, Buntmetall, as they say - this was also a typical feature of this type of badge, often seen on the LW Erdkampfabzeichen - both of these badges are very desirable and good copies have been turning up for many years now. The front of the badge does not otherwise look well done, the Panzer etc. The badge certainly could have fooled me for a long time. That is just an opinion. The box of issue in the Niemann photo does also not look convincing, a simple piece of paper written with an old typewriter? That was not the normal way. Here is some general info I found: Das Panzerkampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe war eine Tapferkeitsauszeichnung der Wehrmacht im Zweiten Weltkrieg und wurde durch Verordnung am 3. November 1944 nach Vorbild des Heeres (Panzerkampfabzeichen) durch den Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe Hermann Göring gestiftet. Die Reproduktion bzw. Neuanfertigung kostet 25€, das Original im Bestzustand ist im aktuellem Katalog mit 3400€ bewertet Further info under: http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Orden/lw-pka.html
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