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  1. Happy Birthday SailorTzipi!

  2. Happy Birthday SailorTzipi!

  3. Happy Birthday SailorTzipi!

  4. Happy Birthday SailorTzipi!

  5. The Jewish armband has to be! They are near impossible to fine and if you do the prices are sky high. Hard to tell if the Auschwitz Cross is real but they are easy to spot fakes. There is a market I like to visit now and then. There are a few stalls that sale militaria but all the people selling fakes puts me off even looking and it's a shame they have to ruin it for the rest of us.
  6. I've been looking for ww2 Star bars, but they are hard to find (well I find it hard) nice medal
  7. Has anyone seen Iron Sky? It's about nazis who build a new world on the dark side of the moon and launch a world invasion. Lol looks more like a comedy.
  8. Glad to hear the family is ok. I saw the flood on the news, looked horrendous, hope everything goes well rebuilding the business
  9. I did the light test and the burn test. The thread burned instantly and the ribbon didn't glow under the black light. Will this test work for British medal ribbons too?
  10. Is the ribbon on the KVK is fake?
  11. Cheers guys. KVK is stamped 6. Not sure what make it is though. When I saw the Auschwitz Cross I knew I had to have it. Im planning on making a memorial display with them and taking some repo camp patches etc, because the real things are impossible to get and cost a fortune!
  12. Can't believe I haven't posted pictures of my little collection, so here's a few. At the moment I have only German and British, but I'm going to expand my collection to French, Belgian, Soviet and any medals issued during WW2. A nice little medal, citation, tag and box found in a charity shop. A set of 4 with citation and box address to Webster W.F Single WW2 Stars. The 1935-45 Medal was another Charity shop find. My EK2 with bar. War merit with Swords with button ribbon. My Auschwitz Cross.
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