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  1. Happy Birthday Herr_Petomer!

  2. Happy Birthday Herr_Petomer!

  3. Happy Birthday Herr_Petomer!

  4. Happy Birthday Herr_Petomer!

  5. I have had the EK2 confirmed as a good Paulmann & Crone on the WAF and so far the eagles are fine which are also on the WAF.
  6. Hey chaps, not long back from a trip to Austria and my Dad had picked these up when he was down in Devon for a short holiday. He said he only paid £50 for the LOT which isn't bad assuming all is well with them. For me everything seems okay but wanted to run it by you guys. The EK2 has a magnetic core which is usually a good start. No makings on it though.
  7. Happy Birthday Herr_Petomer!

  8. Such an ideal price too Keep me posted if anymore show up as I would very much like to add one to the collection
  9. Hey there again guys, I am looking into German Police Shako's at the moment as it is a piece I have always liked but never owned. I am more interested in the Rural style which had the Green felt on the shako. Black or Brown leather are both attractive so not overly fussed on that front. I don't seem to see them about usually except on the net and that's usually in the states. Not wanting to rush into buying anything as it is a possible future buy but whats the usual price around such items? Pete
  10. Hey there guys, I'll hopefully be popping in sometime next week as I'm away this weekend. I'm trying to fund a new piece for the collectios and sadly I must obey my hobby rule (buy with the money you make from what you sell) lol Anyhoo, I am nearly there and selling 1 of my Souval EK2's would pretty much make up the total I need. What sort of price do you buy EK2s for ?of course depending purely on condition etc... I'll bring it in when I come in but here are some photo's of it. I'll be back Sunday night so I'll pop on the forum and reply to any messages. Thanks again guys Pete
  11. Yeah I have seen the copies with the metal head which will screw off plus the bottoms which will screw off and the nice porcelane ball on a string will pop out. I own 1 simply as a collection filler till a real 1 decides to show itself.
  12. Hi guys, So yeah Stick grenades, it's something I have always wanted to add to the collection but never seem to come across them nor how much they are worth! Are you guys able to enlighten me? Pete
  13. I was away when this collection was bought in I think, I have been down south for 2 weeks and I bought that when I was down in England.
  14. Hi there guys, picked this up at the weekend Tis a nice worn Würster. Hope you all like it! Pete
  15. Thanks Kenny, the cap originally came from the Todt battery museum in France.
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