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  1. And this is the finished diorama. Conan - 75mm figure from Pegaso Doom - 75mm figure from Pegaso Ninja - 75mm figure from Pegaso 2 x Picinean Warriors (the guys with the feather horned helmets) - 75mm figures from Tartar Miniatures Italic Warrior (the guy in the purple frock at the left-hand-side) - 75mm figure from Tartar Miniatures Valeria - the Lady sitting on the rocks at the right-hand-side - 54mm figure from Draconia Miniatures Wolves - 2 x from Aeroart and 1 x from Andrea Miniatures Dragon - from McFarlane Belit - the Lady standing behind the "Well of Souls" a
  2. I decided to give the underside of the rotary base a lick of varnish to improve the overall finish. Here’s the base out on the patio supported by my sooper-dooper painting jig while the varnish was drying. Just as well I pinned the figures and fixed them in place with hi-strength 5-minute epoxy….and just as well I’m not of a nervous disposition..!! I had to do this outside cos the varnish stank to high heaven. I reckon it’s secondary purpose must be to clear blocked drains or something. So, here's what I penultimately ended up with.... ....only the Iceni Queen really didn
  3. Here's some close ups of the major characters;
  4. Thanks for the response Mr Bridger. I'm planning a series of dioramas that'll interlink with the story which is provisionally titled,"Renaissance Vatican Albino Assassin Revelations"....I've written a script for it, but am reluctant to post it in case other member might think I've been at the naughty malboro, or have inbibed too much of that Chinese wine.... .... Don't hold your breath though, cos these dioramas take me months to complete. Meanwhile, here's a few more characters at various stages in the painting and layout process; This is one, Hassan-i Sabbah, esquire, who's man
  5. By the time I was finished, the only figures used from these initial layout experiments were; Conan, Doom, the Ninja and the Dragon. (The "Roland" and the "Valkyrie" figures are being reserved for a different scenario). I'll make time to post some snaps of the completed diorama sometime later today, together with details of the featured miniatures. Cheers H
  6. Has anyone read this book, The Lion Wakes" by Robert Low? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lion-Wakes-Robert-...id=83SG3SYGF5WE Reason I'm asking is cos I was so disappointed with this complete load of old guff, "Insurrection", by Robyn Young. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Insurrection-Robyn...6731&sr=1-1 I do believe we'll never see any historical fiction concerning Robert the Bruce that surpasses Nigel Tranter's magnificent trilogy; http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bruce-Trilogy-Step...6974&sr=1-1 Thoughts anyone? Cheers H
  7. Here's where I'm at right now with a couple of WIP's. They're around 90% finished - just a few more details to pick out. L-to-R, we have "Vlad Tepes" from Beneito Miniatures and a guy I'm calling "Silvio" from Andrea Miniatures. Both figures are earmarked for a "Fantasy-Renaissance" type diorama that I've kickstarted to be set inside the courtyard of the "Priory of Sion", which should be good for a laugh. I haven't bothered finishing the figure bases cos the miniatures will be fixed straight onto the diorama base. I'm also intending to build a further two scenarios which will be set else
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