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  1. Happy Birthday Steelback5!

  2. Happy Birthday Steelback5!

  3. Happy Birthday Steelback5!

  4. Happy Birthday Steelback5!

  5. Happy Birthday Steelback5!

  6. Not going to be easy unfortunately http://www.kvacanada.com/ CANADA KOREAN WAR Service records ARE available for servicemen from the Korean War. The only problem with these modern records is that they are protected by the Access to Information and Privacy Act's. Full service record information can be obtained by the actual serviceman who served. If the serviceman had died and a researcher is trying to obtain information the TWENTY YEAR RULE comes into play. What this means is that the researcher must provide proof that the serviceman has been dead for a period of TWENTY
  7. http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe...,794103,00.html
  8. A group with my Grandfathers WWII Medals for service in Burma, my Fathers GSM for service in Palestine with 3 Para and my TEM. My collection of British and Commonwealth Stars - The Air Crew Europe Star is a replica, cannot quite afford a real one of those yet. A Khedives Star and a Kings South Africa Service Medal First World war collection including a Mons Star, Victory Medal,War Medal and a Mercantile Marine Medal
  9. You have got me on that one - such a long while ago since I made it
  10. Thanks The Burma Star is my Grandfathers and I have just acquired another one to put in this collection as I wanted to keep his group together - here is a pic of my Grandfathers medals along with my Fathers Palestine 1946 - 1948 General Service Medal and my Territorial Efficiency Medal
  11. Yes totally agree - not very authentic painting but a brilliant museum all the same.
  12. It is just a Kodak C143 digital camera - lovely little bit of kit.
  13. King Tiger Jagdtiger Jagdpanther Panzerkampfwagen IV
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