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    Thanks Buster
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    I agree Nicola, hopefully he will log on at some point and you can share your information. I hope Gunner is OK as it's unusual for him not to reply.
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    Excellent film Fritz, my uncle fought in the Battle for Moscow.
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    Yes I agree Fritz, they also underestimated the British Prime Minister.
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    Deutsche Wochenschau Normandy 1944 - Counter Offensive Measures
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    Thanks to Buster for finding Toms medal card, pity the VC is not mentioned, it seems to be in another section which we can't access at the moment.
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    I got these a few days ago, the top three medals where awarded to F.W. Ditzel, his regiment was the Rifle brigade, the lower set are to W.H. Beck , regiment, royal field artillery, there is apparently a family connection ( uncle & nephew). These came with the badges I posted a couple of days ago
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    This is not my helmet (as I’m out of town this weekend), but this is the same marking. This comes from the only other example I could find.
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    It's an unknown manufacturer mark you have found, could you take a photo of the mark for me please.
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    A clear case of where Argentina overestimated it's own grandeur, and underestimated it's oponent, sheer ignorance on the part of the Argentine military. They should have known not to challenge a traditional and unsurpassed old seapower with a long experience of land and maritime warfare. The initial capture of the islands was easy but they should have known in the end that it would not pay off. The sinking of the "Eduardo Belgrano" by an English U-Boot. Smile please Gaucho
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    Yes fritz that's right , I did notice whenever I searched the name ditzell I got loads of German contents
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    That is a sensation! I haven't managed to get this far, still got all the time in the world to do it? Picture order can be rectified by "copy & paste", took me long enough to find out. Ditzel and Beck are both German names!
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    Probably less well known is:
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    Here is Thomas Caldwells medal card, God know how I did it , but managed to got a free ancestry limited membership , it wont let me In to the section about the VC.
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    Time Left: 2 months and 13 days

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    Very rare WW2 German ARG 1 Celestial Computer used for extremely accurate navigational readings by the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine particularly the U-Boat arm.The body is aluminium and Bakelite construction with glass screen that is illuminated when plugged in.There is an azimuth with microscope eyepiece and cross hairs. To front of instrument around glass are four information plates in luminous yellow.Reverse has switch with words 'Dunkel Aus Hell'(Dark From Light). Connecting wire included and wooden storage box in good condition with all parts intact and original information labels included.


    - GB

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    I recently had the opportunity to pick up some tinnies I had been looking / searching for.. The last two are still on the way.. Been busy aet work and hope all is well here, I will check back in soon.. G
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    Hi Leon, the BWM is for Ditzel, the other two are to Beck, the top pic of the star went up first by mistake
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    A nice set of medals , pity the British war medal is missing for F.W.Ditzel.
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    The invasion of Russia, 22. June 1941
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    This photo arrived today. A He 111 of KG 26 - 1H+BN - was offered as "..under camouflage netting, Winter 1939/40" However, another source states this as Norwegian Campaign 1940. Said to be of 5./KG 26, the emblem is wrong, according to Hauptmann Rudiger Schmidt, the emblem was always on a white background, the red shown here is wrong. An official press photo without inscription. The other example can be seen under: https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/He-111/KG26/pages/Heinkel-He-111H1-5.KG26-(1H+BN)-Norwegian-Campaign-1940-01.html more illustrations under this link: https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/He-111/KG26.html
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    Looks like an excellent film.
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    A historic aviation piece was recently offered at a renowned auction house in Gloucestershire, Britain. It was one of the tailfins of the Messerschmitt Bf 110 flown by highest scoring night fighter, Major Heinz Schnaufer. This was recently shown on the Franco-German TV channel ARTE under Treasures of the World or similar title. Interviewed was a lady, whose father was shot down by Schnaufer in early 1943. She would like to have purchased the object, but this was out of her financial reach, but she was able to get photos of this significant object. The tailfin has been definitely attributed to the machine of Heinz Schnauffer, listed on the fin are all the victories with plane type and date! This was taken from a wreck postwar, and was brought to the auction by a collector from Germany, who was unable to sell this in Germany due to the strict laws regarding the swastika, it was claimed. Schnaufer, with 121 victories and the Knights Cross with Oakleaves, Swords and diamonds, was the highest scoring nightfighter of the war. Schnaufer, who survived the war, died on July 15, 1950 following a road accident while on a wine-buying trip in Bordeaux. A further article on this can be viewed under: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/german-ww2-pilots-bullet-ridden-plane-5342833 A further text viewed under Find a grave.com does not quite coincide with the previous information: German Ace Fighter Pilot. Holder of the 21st (of 27 awarded) Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds. A scourge during the air battles over occupied Europe, during 164 night missions, he downed a confirmed total of 121 bombers, mostly British. He became a prize target for British gunners and aircraft known to them as "The Night Ghost". He was captured by advancing British forces in Schleswig-Holstein in May 1945. His plane was displayed in London's Hyde Park after the war. The tail with 121 victory markings can still be seen today in the Imperial War Museum. He was released by the British in 1945 and returned to Germany where he operated a wine store. Five years after his release from captivity, death, which eluded him miraculously during years of uninterrupted combat claimed him at last. Just 28 years of age, while on business in Southern France, a car accident near Bordeaux took his life. His remains were taken back to his hometown and buried in the family plot in Calw, Germany. This one is on display at the Imperial War Museum, London Schnaufer second from left, standing next to Hartmann
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    A unique and cherished souvenir of long gone times. A Christmas card, as an invitation to a Christmas Celebration on 13th December 1910 at the Picadilly Hotel, which at the same time includes the evening program and menu from the Deutscher Offizier Club in London for it's members. A quality production with fine gold-blocked edge. Never seen a similar example. Discovered in the 1980s in a Hamburg antique shop specialising in coins, stamps and fine antiques.
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    Yes it is a bit strange that these helmets started to appear around that date too.
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    What do you guys think of this film? not available in the UK which is why I posted it ,I think it gives a wider view of the battle than the more modern film "Stalingrad" I think it was made in the 50's.
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    Just in today L.A.H. Soldbuch to SS Panzer Obergrenadier Arthur Buchheim who served in 4th Company, Replacement Battalion of "LSSAH" before being transferred on 29.6.1944 to Stab II Battalion/Panzergrenadier-Regiment 35, 16. SS Panzergrenadier Division "Reichsführer-SS". When this second issue soldbuch was assigned the 16.SS Division was in Bologna, Italy before it moved to Hungary and Austria. He was transferred from the 1st to the 2nd Battalion Staff company.Page 2 and 23 bear the signature of SS Obersturmführer Karl Hennefeld, former Adjutant and Kompanie Chef of 10 and 3 Company.The Soldbuch still retains the photo of Buchheim in his SS uniform in which his LAH slip on shoulder cyphers can be clearly seen.Also included is his SS Fuhrerschein (Driving license) Feldpost number FP Nr. 01011 A. which is signed by an SS Untersturmfuehrer. Two photographs are also included which we presume are family members. Excellent condition.
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    Hi Greg Thanks for the information
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    Just found this part in collection, I don't know what it is or what it did all I can say is it came out of the same Heinkel.
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    Nice one Kenny, i've got a couple of LSSAH Soldbuchs. I'll post them in a while. Stewy
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    Other British Aces shot down by Richthofen. 13th victim. Captain Arthur Gerald Knight ( DSO ) with 8 victories ( KIA ).in a D.H.2 of 29th Sq. 15th victim. Captain J.B. Quested ( MC ) and Lt HJH Dicksee gunner with 8 victories ( Pilot WIA/gunner unhurt ).in a F.E.2b of 11th Sq. 54th victim. Lieutenant Robert Wallace Farquhar with 6 victories ( unhurt ) in a SPAD VII of 23rd Sq killed 1 year later. 55th victim. Captain Norman George McNaughton ( MC ) Pilot with 5 victories ( KIA ). and Lieutenant Angus Hughes Mearns gunner ( KIA ) in a D.H.4 bomber of 57th Sq. 71st victim. Captain Thomas Sydney Sharpe (DFC ) with 6 victories ( wounded / POW ). in a Sopwith Camel of 73rd Sq. 76th victim. Captain Sydney Philip Smith with 5 victories ( MIA ) body never found. in a Sopwith Camel of 46th Sq. 79th victim. Captain Richard Raymond-Baker ( MC ) with 6 victories ( KIA ). in a Sopwith Camel of 3rd Sq. After his 1st confirmed victory, Richthofen ordered a silver cup engraved with date and type of aircraft from a jeweller in Berlin. He continued this until he had 60 cups, by which time the dwindling supply of silver in Germany meant that silver cups like this could no longer be supplied. Richthofen discontinued his orders rather than accept cups made of pewter or base metal.
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    I've been meaning to post these photo's of Kiel harbour before now, but just got round to it. I think they were taken in the 1920s or very early 30s. In the 1st photo at the top are two tall ships, were these navy training ships? also there are two warships at anchor one behind the tall ships and one to the right. can't make out what type they are.?
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    Here's a photo of the 3 Pre-Dreadnoughts of the German Navy c1930, they were the ( Schliesen - Hessen - and the Schleswig-Holstein. All had been modernized from 1925 to 1927 and returned to service. The Schleswig-Holstein became the Flagship of the Navy from 1927 to 1935. Germany had already begun rearming with 2 Pocket Battleships already completed when Hitler came to power but that was the extent of Germanys Capital ship strength in 1933. Pic 2. The Flagship Schleswig-Holstein. Pic 3. The Stern view of the Schliesen late 30s. Pic 4. the 3 ships together in unknown harbour 1934. Pic 5. Photo taken from the Schleswig-Holstein of the American Flagship USS Arkansas, of the visit of the American Battleship Squadron 5th July 1930. The first visit since the end of WW1 by the American Navy to Kiel Harbour.
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    Here's a map and some post cards of Kiel Harbour pre-WW1.
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    Here's a blown up of photo one.
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    Here are Wehrmacht and SS panzer Divisions and their Emblems. SS Divisions. 1SS. Pz Div - Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler. 2SS Pz Div - Das Reich ( also Verfugungstruppe, Deutschland, Reich). 3SS Pz Div - Totenkopf. 4SS Polizei - Panzergrenadier-Division - SS-Polizei-Division. 5SS Pz Div - Wiking ( also Germania ). 6SS Gebirgsjager-Div - Nord. 7SS Freiwilligen-Gebirgsjager-Division - Prinz Eugen. 8SS Kavallerie-Division - Florian Geyer. 9SS Pz Div - Hohenstaufen. 10SS Pz Div - Frundsberg ( also Karl der Grosse ). 11SS Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division - Nordland. 12SS Pz Div - Hitlerjugend. 13SS Gebirgsjager-Division ( Croation Nr 1 ) Handschar. 14SS Grenadier-Division ( Ukranian Nr 1 ) Galizien. 15SS Grenadier-Division ( Latvian Nr 1 ) Lettland. 16SS Panzergrenadier-Division - Reichsfuhrer-SS. 17SS Panzergrenadier-Division - Gotz von Berlichingen. 18SS Freiwillligen-Panzergrenadier-Division Horst Wessel. 19SS Grenadier-Division ( Latvian Nr 2 ) Latvia. 20SS Grenadier-Division ( Estonian Nr 1 ) Estland. 21SS Gebirgsjager-Division ( Albanian Nr 1 ) Skanderbeg. 22SS Kavallerie-Division - Maria Theresa. 23SS Gebirgsjager-Division ( Croation Nr 2 ) Kama.. 23SS Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division ( Dutch Nr1 ) Nederland ( formed after the dissolution of Kama). 24SS Gebirgajager-Division - Karstjager. 25SS Grenadier-Division ( Hungarian Nr 1 ) Hunyadi. 26SS Grenadier-Division ( Hungarian Nr 2 ) Hungaria ( also Gombos ). 27SS Grenadier-Division ( Flemish Nr 1 ) Langemarck. 28SS Grenadier-Division - Wallonien. 29SS Grenadier-Division ( Russian Nr 1 ) R.O.N.A. 29SS Grenadier-Division ( Italian Nr 1 ) Italien ( formed after dissbanding of Rona ). 30SS Grenadier-Division ( Russian Nr 2). 30SS Grenadier-Division ( White Belarussian Nr 1 ) Weissruthenien ( formed after Russian Nr 2 dissbanded. 31SS Grenadier-Division - Batschka ( also Kukuruz, Lombard ). 32SS Grenadier-Division - 30.Januar. 33SS Kavallerie-Division ( Hungarian Nr 3 ). 33SS Grenadier-Division ( French Nr 1 ) Charlemagne. ( given the number after Hungarian Nr 3 Destroyed in battle. 34SS Grenadier-Division ( Dutch Nr 2 ) Landstorm Nederland. 35SS Polizei-Grenadier-Division SS Polizei-Division 2. 36SS Grenadier-Division - Dirlewanger. 37SS Kavallerie-Division - Lutzow. 38SS Grenadier-Division - Nibelungen ( also Junkerschule ).
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    Here are the Wehrmacht Pz Div emblems. Divisions 1- to- 27 and 116 div. Pz. Lehr Div. Pz Feldherrenhalle Div. Grossdeutschland Div.
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    Pz 5 Rgt a brief history. It's said it was the earliest Pz Rgt formed, it was part of 3rd Pz Division,and saw action in the invation of Czechoslovakia - Poland and France. In Jan 1941 it was formed into the 5th lightweight Division by taking units from 3rd Pz Div which included the following 3rd armoured brigade, 3rd reconnaissance battalion ( motorized ), panzerjager-abteilung 39,and 1/artillery rgt 75. Following the transfer of the new division to Tripoli in Feb 1941, the division was to secure the incoming sea transport east of Tripoli. During the unloading a fire broke out in the hold of the ship and a large number of the 5th Rgt tanks were distroyed leaving the division understrength. In march the division started it's forays in to the desert. It was joined by 15th Pz Division in Apr, by which time 5th light Division was back to full strength. On ist August 1941 the 5th Light Division was renamed the 21st Pz Division. Below are some photo's you may find interesting. Pic 1 D.A.K. troops on parade in Tripoli. Pic 2 Tank parade. Pic 3 Motorcycle parade ( old 3rd Pz Div emblem still on front of 2nd motorcycle). pic 4 Tank also still showing 2nd pattern 3rd Pz Div emblem. Pic 5 Halftrack with ( B ) for 21st Pz Div symbol below is for light gun battery 3. Pic 6 Motorcycle showing symbols for light gun battery 1, 21st Pz Div ( also symbol on sidecar mudguard is for motorized infantry). Pic 7 Motorcycle showing symbols for motorcycle messenger platoon ( 15th Pz Div). Motorcycle in El. Alamein museum.
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    Heres a couple more. Pic 1. British soldiers take cover behind a knocked out Pz tank of 2nd kompany 15th Pz Div. Pic 2. Staff flag of 2nd kompany 21st Pz Div.
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    Like the german wearing the old Nazi Shako
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    Some shots of my 30 wound badges.30 maker is Hauptmunzamt from Wien. First is a gold zincer
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    gents a couple of vienna unmarked no30 early tombak
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    Another silver with a gold pin I found on a site
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    Hi Don, yes it's a difficult one to call ,as you say there seems to be no trace of gold ,however I'm sure I read some where that zinc badges sometimes obsorbed the gilt finish this is often encountered on Kreigsmarine badges, as the pin is made from a different material that is maybe why it has not discoloured. The others seen with a gold pin well perhaps the same thing has happened to them. My gut feeling is it's a gold ,which in my opinion is better anyway but who know's as you say they did use what was available I have a numbered Panzer badge with a split pin instead of a rivet ,it's one of these things you really need a time machine to know for sure. I got in a Black wounds badge on Saturday I'll try to post it on the Forum on Tuesday if I get a spare moment.
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    Great collection Don! Interesting point. The Germans often had to use whatever was to hand at all times in the war but particularly near the end.
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    Lovely collection Don, is the badge with the gold pin not a Gold Wounds Badge?
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    Next up is a silver tombak flat pin.I have no bar pin
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