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    What makes some Brodie helmets more valuable , I have seen some sell in the high hundreds ? Is it ones with a certain regiment with insignia ?? . This is my one Mk 1* with JCS&W Liner dated 1938 Helmet is marked H/V 16 and has Seaforth Highlanders insignia with net Also has SS on the inside
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    Hello, does anyone have any information about WW1 German Rifle/Trench Periscopes? How many companies made them? Numbers made, any other basic information. I recently acquired one and was curious to find out more information.
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    Here is another US M1917, marked "ZC 180". It has the liner intact, however the felt pad has deteriorated away. Additionally there is a painted emblem on the side, that of the US 28th Infantry Division.
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    I have seen reproduction canvas straps and the leather carrier as well, but not originals. I am still looking for a really nice cup to go with my canteen. Here is a picture of the canteen with the canvas strap.
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    Very nice! Likewise, I do not have very much in the Austrian category, it is extremely rare to find it here in the US. Below is the enameled canteen, you often see in Austrian collections, however this one is mint with the cloth cover. Sadly it doesn't have the cup or carrying strap, but the condition more than makes up for that I feel. I often see these with rust and chips to the enamel.
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    Here is a US M1917 marked "ZC 200" it has the US 5th Infantry Division emblem painted on the front.
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    Here are some first aid kits for individual WW1 US Soldiers. These were carried in small web pouches that connected to the ammo and pistol belts, the first few are those encapsulated in metal tins, the last are more simple versions wrapped in paper.
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    Here is a stamp from a WW1 German Overcoat from my collection. If I am reading it right, by the codes listed above this would be from BA XIII: III Armee-Korps Württembergisches AK (Stuttgart).
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    Thanks! I figured if I will collect them, best to get it in pristine condition if possible.
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    Thanks Kenny , Excellent info on brodie helmets . Any ideas on the SS on the inside of the helmet ? And do you think the net is original Thanks
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    very nice helmet MacMac, welcome to the forum
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    Here is a nice all matching K98 I got many years ago. I checked out all the parts, even the stock is marked correctly under the barrel. The butt plate is marked as well, but it's hard to read. The sling is also dated 1941 as well. This particular rifle was made for the Portuguese Government under contract. However from what I was able to find out, after the disastrous loses in Russia in 1941, these rifles never made it to Portugal. They were taken and given to replacement troops. This particular one I got from the son of the WW2 German Soldier that carried it. Unfortunately could not get any information on his unit or branch of service. However all matching K98's are kind of rare. Just missing the cleaning rod is all.
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    Here is a WW1 US Medical First Aid training kit. These were to be used in a training environment. Kit dated 1917, contained 2 bandages. Instructions for use were located on the back of the box. These kits were meant to be reused as well.
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    This is a WW1 US Medical Officers Pocket Case, model of 1911, this particular case is a very early one, dated 1915. Most you see are from 1917-1918. This one is complete with the instruments as well as needles. This case is larger than the size carried in the officer belts.
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    Perhaps a family member has a photo of him, that would look very good in the frame, plus a couple of RSF shoulder titles.
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    I've seen adverts for repro Death Plaques and Scrolls, they look very good and they will add the name and details of your relative on them.
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    That's a very good idea, I am horrified that names are being erased from medals, it is just not right. Better to get a repro medal and get it engraved - actually, they should be stamped and not engraved, but that could be difficult to get done. I thought of this idea some time ago. You will need exact details of his rank, service number and unit, and the correct abbreviations on the medal. Perhaps there is a government or Defence office, which can provide help on this? The War Medal should be in real silver.
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    Since my great grandfathers medals are long gone, I was going to buy blank medals & get them engraved with my grandfather's information , but was informed some folk are scrubbing original names off medals to sell as blanks, i dont want any part in encouraging that! So decided to go with repros for great grandads entitlement. I got these and am very impressed with the quality, the victory medal is die struck brass, the BWM, is very detailed with an antique silver finish , I might polish some of this off. I also got a BWM to compleat the set I have to W.H. Beck, until I can source the originals for both men. ( I won't hold my breath on that)
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    Interesting video, seems like a lot of work to restore a helmet that has obvious rust damage. I have restored several myself, but I only work on sound helmets and try to use original or authentic parts in my restoration. The main reason I restore some helmets is that I do reenactments and would rather not mess up an original helmet.
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    Hello I am interested to see if anyone has a nice collection of VB grenades, launchers or other related accessories. I have some items myself, which I will post pictures of soon. Thanks in advance!
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    Here is my latest find, a VB Launcher for the US M1917 Enfield rifle. This is the twist on type, with a metal spring band to hold the sight and muzzle firmly while in operation. Un-Dug examples are very hard to find. Near the muzzle of the launcher you can see a knurled band, this was so that soldiers could feel the difference at night or in dark conditions. This version and the version for the M1903 Springfield are virtually identical, the M1903 does not have the knurled band however.
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    Here is a US M1917, with markings "ZD 192" It has the emblem of the US 29th Infantry Division painted on the front. American helmets rarely had these painted on during the war. Most were painted just after the war ended or during the occupation period. This helmet also has a reproduction liner and chinstrap as well. As a interesting side note, my Great Grandfather served in this unit while in France in 1918.
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    Here we have a Us made Helmet, you can tell by the rivets used instead of split pins. However this helmet is completely unmarked. I have searched all over the rim and cannot find any markings. The liner has a really faint ink stamp which resembles R.H.Long. Still a very solid helmet with the chinstrap and liner. I'm guessing as the war drug on, they were in a rush to get these to the troops, so corners were cut. I have not seen very many of the US type unmarked.
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    Here is another rimmed helmet, marked "HS 406" HS = Hadfield Ltd of Sheffield, steel lot 406. Inside the rim, just behind the liner is the remnants of a mailing label.
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    A postwar Fire Service helmet (in shape similar to the old WW2 Luftschutz - Air Raid Warning) from the West German state of Baden-Württemberg. as seen on the emblem at the front. I would think it is of light metal, possibly fibreglass? In use till at least 1990.
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    Les Hales, what material is the helmet made out of? metal, plastic, fiberglass, etc...
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    Here is another rimmed helmet, with a stamp I believe is "H.V 207" The H.V is partially obscured under the rim.
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    Yet another rimmed helmet, marked "HS 286". HS=Hadfield Ltd of Sheffield, lot 286
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    Here is another rimmed helmet, clearly marked "D/F 67" Really nice condition with the complete liner and chinstrap. ( Manufacturer ) James Dixon & Sons Ltd. ( Steel Supplier ) Thomas Firth & Sons Ltd of Sheffield.
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    Listed here is a US Model 1904 Hospital Corps Knife (bolo). These knives were made by Springfield Arsenal between 1904-1915, with nearly 40,000 units produced. The scabbard was made by Rock Island Arsenal, which originally had a leather belt loop to attach to the belt, in 1909 this was changed to a metal attachment to secure to the wearers belt (as this one is). This was only issued to medical personnel and was standard issue in WW1. This knife was not intended for combat, but i'm sure some enterprising young men got their hands on it. It is a very well made and heavy knife, with the blade length at 12 inches.
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    Here is my French VB launcher used on the Berthier and Lebel rifles.
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    Another one my M1903 launchers with the carrying case. When I got the launcher is was rust covered and nasty looking. I had it turned on a lathe, sanded and re-coated, turned out pretty good. These canvas cases came out in 1919-1920, so they would not be correct for a wartime appearance. Interestingly enough these cases were put back into production at the start of WW2. The US Marines used the VB's quite often in the Pacific theater. Note the small gas port at the base of the cup before the tapered part, 2 of these were drilled in a attempt to reduce gas pressure and wear on the rifle. In the US model a few posts up, that one does not have the holes. The pressure incurred from the launchers could damage the rifles, it is speculated that the M1903 had a extra recoil lug added to counter this effect.
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    Here we have a rimmed helmet marked "FKS 25" FKS=Thomas Firth & Sons Ltd.( both Manufacturer and Steel Supplier ) and Steel Batch 25.
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    Thought i would mix it up a bit, picked this up about a year ago, me and a friend found a cache of old film props and gear, included was about a dozen of these soft caps. It came with everything minus the badge. The sweatband has obviously been replaced, however everything else is very nice condition. These items are quite hard to find in the US. I picked the suffolk badge because that's where I used to live while in the UK.
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    Next up is an US type I believe, marked "XHE" it has the complete liner and chinstrap and the liner is marked R.H. Long. These X numbered helmets are thought to be from the first experimental lots made in the summer of 1917.
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    I appreciate any assistance you can provide.
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    I will try my best to identify them, I have more experience with the US made ones.
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    Next up is one the I refurbished some time ago. It is marked "D/O 21" ( Manufacturer ) J. Dixon & Sons Ltd ( Steel Supplier ) S. Osborne & Co Ltd of Sheffield.
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    Next up is a rimmed helmet marked "BS 7". ( Manufacturer & Steel Supplier ) W. Beardmore & Co Ltd Glasgow.
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    Below is a rimmed helmet marked "MLS 14" ( Manufacturer ) J.& J. Maxfield & Sons of Sheffield.
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    Next is a rimmed helmet marked "FKS 108" for Thomas Firth & Sons Ltd. ( Manufacturer & Supplier ).
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    Next is a helmet that was repurposed for a civil defense role in WW2. It has a thick layer of white paint over the original paint so the heat stamp is hard to see but it appears to be "FKS" 1 for Thomas Firth & Sons Ltd. ( Manufacturer & Steel Supplier ). British made helmet used by a American Air Raid Warden during WW2.
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    Next up is a rimmed helmet marked "HS" 499. ( Manufacturer & Steel Supplier ) Hadfield Ltd of Sheffield.
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    Ok, I am starting to post images of my British Helmets, so enjoy, it make take several days to get them all done. Up first is an unrimmed helmet with the liner intact. The heat stamp has a "V" over a possible "S" with lot number 103. I did also get a picture of the liner manufacturer as well. Either W. & E. Viener Ltd or Vickers Ltd of Sheffield. both used the letter V mark.
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    Good day, yes it is good to be back as well. Upon moving back to the US, my wife contracted colon cancer which she fought for several years, however she succumbed not long ago, so most of my time and resources were occupied elsewhere as you can imagine. But I am moving forward, slowly. I appreciate your comments on the helmets. Have you seen a "ZY" marked helmet as well? According to my list, I have one marked "ZY 15". I will try and find it today and get some pictures. I am glad to help others and spread the knowledge.
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    I have been collecting the WW1 British and American made helmets for some time now, I have over 150 different heat stamps in my collection. I was going over the lists of American made helmet manufacturers, has anyone come across a "ZG" or "ZN" heat code on the US made helmets? To illustrate, I have included pictures, I have used baby powder to enhance the heat stamps to make them more visible. The "ZG" marked helmet has the liner intact, while the "ZN" helmet is missing the liner.
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    Wow, thank you both, this is great information. To the best of my knowledge nothing has been replaced on the helmet, it has either been in storage or displayed on shelf for many many years.


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