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    Here's two more recent finds photo of Royal Naval parade at HMS Victory training base and barracks Portsmouth c1940s, my uncle Sam Maylor trained there not sure if he is in the photo somewhere or he took this photo. Second photo he is in top row second lad on the right, not sure what type of ship he is on, he never talked about his time in the navy much.
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    A German Tiger tank on its side in a ditch, North of Rome, and an american lorry in the background driving past (18 June 1944) A.R. Tanner (captain)
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    Another example, but this one does not have a pouch like the other two.
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    Another picture added, original from the site of the seller.
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    I believe they would be. These examples are fine and came from a small spot in Austria, two of them have a makers details on the back. I think some of the elite units in Russia have re-introduced the old uniforms for ceremonial dress, and there are many re-enactors in Russia. Russia is almost a monarchy again, but without a Tsar. These buttons were unbelievably cheap, and cost only 5 Euros a piece, there were only 3 on offer. Some of the present day "Imperial" Russian regalia will undoubtedly be turning up and offered as period originals!
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    I'm sure these buttons are okay, but do be warned that they are being reproduced. The last pair of boards that I bought had reproduction buttons on them.
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    Just arrived, 3 Imperial Russian tunic buttons, 21 mm, more or less matched, hollow, with makers names to the rear. Have had these in view for quite some time, surprised they hadn't already gone. Fotos unfortunately not very clear, the buttons have the Imperial eagle. One button has a St.Petersburg maker's name to rear, another has no maker.
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    I have about fifty Tsarists officer and enlisted shoulder boards, mostly infantry, but also cavalry, artillery, etc. Most of them were shown in Johan Somer's book "Imperial Russian Field Uniforms and Equipment".


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