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Kar. 98(a) Cavalry Carbine, 1916

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Fritz    2,991

A Karabiner 98, later designated Kar. 98a cavalry carbine, dated and marked, ERFURT, 1916.

Originally for cavalry and field artillery as a weapon for mounted troops, this was often favoured by the assault units in the trenches due to being shorter than the standard infantry firearm. With the advantage of a stacking hook below the bayonet fitting, a turndown bolt action and integrated carrying strap fittings, however, one disadvantage was the enormous flash caused by the shorter muzzle, the performance was also less favourable than the standard G.98.
Remaining stocks of these were favoured by police forces up till the end of WW2.

Some loss of blueing in places, also to finish of woodwork, which has become lighter due to wear and scratches, generally in a good arsenal cared for condition. Birmingham deactivation, purchased at a renowned London militaria shop around 1990.









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