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Falklands War Medal

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Came across this Falklands War Medal for sale at a local Auction  the other day, first one I've seen, this medal

was awarded to a crew member of H.M.S. Intrepid and had a guide price of £500 to £800.

Here's a couple of photo's for anyone who hasn't seen one


Falklands Medal.jpg

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Try comparing this to earlier medals with the portraits of George V. or Victoria(!) The crown looks a bit overdimensional on the sovereigns head. I don't think earlier designers would have been pleased about this.  The price of 500 - 800 wouldn't appeal to me either.  Modern militaria etc. looks rather "tacky" compared to vintage "stuff", lacking in taste and dignity.

Even modern weapons do not fit in with the colourful tradtional ceremonial uniforms of the Guards, as they are used today (short black objects carried in place of a rifle, unfitting for the red tunics and bearskins, etc.). For ceremonial purposes they should use an older more traditional model, with its resp. bayonet.

On the other hand, another army has a complete lack of tradition. However they do strangely combine the use of an old weapon for such ceremonial purposes with a strange modern uniform with American influence, the weapon being the K.98.

There have been recent complaints in various ministries as to the origin of this weapon, and complaints that it has an unsavoury past associated with the Wehrmacht.

The present Minister for Defence & C., Ursula von der Leyen, also known as "Flinten-Uschi", has now demanded formal investigation of all Bundeswehr locations about objects with a "dubious past or tradition", and that these be immediately removed from such locations and garrisons - a total "purge" and witchhunt is now taking place. Some of these units had their own little "museums" or displays honouring past feats of the Wehrmacht, this is to be banned and forbidden in future. Also many objects such as ships or barracks are to have name changes. Undesired are names like Rommel, Hindenburg, Mölders, etc, as it is stated, these, with their nationalsocialist associations  are not in keeping with the democratic traditions of the Bundeswehr. A display of  Wehrmacht helmets in a glass case had been the cause of this. All rather ridiculous really. A stretch between being a farce and extreme political correctness.

I wouldn't give civilians and politicians a say in leading an army.




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