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  1. Here's another manual I recently found printed in 1940, It belonged to Gunner J.R.White No 2057255 of 37th S/L Regiment Royal Artillery HQ Coy. Stationed at Quebec Barracks Bordon Hampshire, the booklet was reproduced from Small Arms Training Vol 1 1937 by permission H.M Stationery Office, there are a lot more pictures in it than the 1937 booklet. Here are a few of the pages I've scanned.
  2. Here's another recent find I've added to this group a 1st Infantry shoulder title.
  3. Came across this Falklands War Medal for sale at a local Auction the other day, first one I've seen, this medal was awarded to a crew member of H.M.S. Intrepid and had a guide price of £500 to £800. Here's a couple of photo's for anyone who hasn't seen one
  4. Looks like an early made helmet by T. Firth & Sons of Sheffield 1916 -1918 who also used a letter "F" mark, the 588 being the batch number.
  5. The helmet looks like the 1916 variant, has it got any maker stamp marks, I must admit I've never seen the Brodie carrying case before an excellent find Kenny.
  6. Hi Paul, the rank of lance sergeant was an appointment given to a corporal so that they could fill a post usually held by a sergeant. The appointment could be removed by the soldiers Commanding Officer unlike a full sergeant who could only be demoted by court martial, the rank of lance sergeant was abolished in most regiments and corps in 1946. The appointment is retained now only in the Foot Guards and Honourable Artillery Company in these regiments today all corporals are automatically appointed lance sergeant on their promotion and wear three white stripes were a full sergeant wears gold stripes.
  7. Here we have a good example of a Memorial Scroll with original postal tube and a letter of Condolence from No1 Infantry Record Office York.
  8. Here's a No2 Mark I Prismatic Leather Binocular Case by John & Bennett Green dated 1916 and named to K.D.R. GRIFFITH, this type of Case was used by British Army Officers during WW1 they would have housed a pair of 6x30 Binoculars by Ross of London or even a pair by Carl Zeiss of London. The Binoculars inside the Case at the moment are a pair of 8x30 by Imperia.
  9. Yes Paul, I'm looking for a pair of shoulder straps now to complete the set, these are 2nd pattern from 1940.
  10. Here's a pair of collar patches machine-woven in silver-aluminium thread and arm band worn by a RAD-Unterfeldmeister a member of Arbeitsgau XV HQ Staff, not sure which district he served at as there are two district XV but with different group numbers. There is XV ( district ) Sachen ( group numbers from 150-157 ) and XV ( district ) Hessen-Sud ( group numbers from 250-258 ). And a image of a tunic of a RAD-Unterfeldmeister.
  11. Very nice Paul, the arm band would have been worn by Abteilung personnel of 10th detachment 165 group part of XVI Arbeitsgau ( District Westfallen-Nord ).
  12. Yes I did the same when my grandchildren were younger, always took them to local Re-Enactors Events with me they had a great time sadly now they are teenagers they are less interested. Here are a few photo's from one of the Events a few years ago.
  13. Interesting Mick, what's the ship called.
  14. Here's a pair of Fernglas 08 binoculars made by C.P.Goerz of Berlin, the 08 model was the official binocular issued to the Prussian Army. This pair dates from around 1918.