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  1. Great figures - keep up the good work! I loved CtB!
  2. Heath, Wealth and Happiness to everyone!
  3. Poignant story. It's sad that so many remains are found each year but at least the soldiers get a decent grave. It's a pity that Germany can't honour it's WW1 war dead that only served as soldiers as in other armies.
  4. I'll second that - both of them!
  5. Hope you all got the presents you wanted.
  6. Its great that with simple digital cameras nowadays we can get excellent photos!
  7. You must be very proud of your relatives' medals. Keep them in the family! I have a CFM. Who can say what that is?
  8. Great work Greg. As you say just a wash will improve the finish. Johnsons Clear would get rid of the decal shine.
  9. Really don't know why they continued the turret MGs - was it a cofidence boost for the Gung Ho?
  10. Nice clear pictures. Well done!
  11. Osprey do quite a good book on the Blue Division. It is written by a spanish guy. Seems better than most of their recent titles.
  12. I just love snow cammed vehicles and planes. The Stuka is great!
  13. Great photos to showcase your collection.
  14. Yes with all due respect to the good work that Bovington does they are a bit stuck in 70's cam misconceptions.
  15. Excellent photos! Are the colour ones original or colourised? The GI with the mortar round tubes looks like Clint Eastwood! The youth of the young German is tragic! Someone could have stolen his sweets in the schoolyard but he is pushed into a war! Yes the casualties in BoB were massive as neither side wanted to give way.