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  1. you've got me Colin, what is it, something to do with a fuze?
  2. Looking good Colin
  3. very unusual Mick
  4. Cheers Scott, I'm not really into techy stuff but this forum is quite impressive. Will look allot better when it's finished
  5. Can all Moderators see Moderator central?
  6. thanks Paul, it will be worth it, also works much better on mobile phones and tablets now
  7. Yes lots of work still be done, I don't think mods can edit posts at the moment so will have a look at that, what do you think so far Paul? The you tube clips are much bigger and the photos are much better than on the old forum, will tidy up all these posts later. Will also get your profile pic back too , I think it might be because you have a German keyboard the umlauts caused a few problems too these have also been fixed
  8. there's actually been two remakes since that one the first in 2011 and this one from last year starring Emma Thomson
  9. I see "Everyone dies alone" is produced by Constantin Films, the same people who produced Downfall ,this must be one of their first films. Good to see Heinz Reincke who played Stadtrat Holzgang the NSDAP-Kreisleiter in charge of civil defence in "The Bridge at Remagen"
  10. We have now started to upgrade the forum, as you can see allot of work is still required so no need to report errors at the moment. Will let you know when upgrade is complete.
  11. The full film is still good to watch, this is the only version I could find, it has been dubbed into Russian. The Adventures of Werner Holt ( Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt) 1965 East German drama film directed by Joachim Kunert. The script was based on Dieter Noll's best-selling novel, The Adventures of Werner Holt, for which he received East Germany's National Prize in 1963. In 1996 the film was selected by a commission of historians and critics as one of the hundred most important German films ever made.
  12. I used to have one of those
  13. I must be honest, when I saw it first, I thought I don't like that at all, but should I say anything? Then thanks to Paul's post (he takes no prisoners ) I decided to comment, glad I did, as it looks great now
  14. Hi Mick, these wanted posts should go in our classified section, it costs £10 for one year ,you can also post items you have for sale there. This is the third time we have informed you of this this Mick have you read any of the replies to your posts? Please read the forum rules any more wanted posts which are not in the classified section will be deleted.
  15. I agree with both of you. I think Buster did the right thing putting the correct grips on it however I also agree with Paul that it looks a little new, especially when compared with the stock, maybe an idea would be to try to tone down the varnish a little ? but at the end of the day it's personal taste and what you think looks best.