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  1. Unusual Luftwaffe Hitler Youth helmet

    Yes it is a bit strange that these helmets started to appear around that date too.
  2. Time Left: 2 months and 23 days

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    looking to buy an original text book example of a world war two British paratroopers beret, dated 1944 or before.


  3. Unusual Luftwaffe Hitler Youth helmet

    This is one of the famous Luftwaffe Flak helpers helmets most often found on ebay. They seem to originate from Eastern Europe with lots coming out of the Czech Republic. There are no war time photos of these helmets ever being worn, but plenty of photos of Hitler Youth wearing standard Luftwaffe helmets. Most encountered have fake Luftwaffe decals, replaced liners etc. I don't like the one in this picture either. Until a wartime photo of one of these being worn is found, I would avoid these helmets.
  4. Happy Birthday Leon

    Happy Birthday Colin, hope you are having a good one
  5. Stalingrad: Dogs, Do You Want to Live Forever?

    I've not watched this in a while, maybe time to give it another look, last time I watched it was dubbed into English, I now have the German language version which I saw at the cinema first time round. It was much better in German than the dubbed English version, I think that's what put me off.
  6. One for Fritz

    Agreed Paul, most likely 1920/30's private purchaise
  7. Latest display

    Looking good Colin, I would try to darken the felt too so it matches the others, did you ever find out what the blue backing felt signifies?
  8. I agree Scott, the classic films of the 60's and 70's had allot to do with people getting interested in military history. Pity they just don't seem capable of making these type of films anymore, maybe we just don't have the same quality of actors these days. The Wild Geese and Cross of Iron are both British made films, with Cross of Iron being an Anglo / German co-production.
  9. Theme from the 1977 film Cross of Iron, music composed and conducted by Ernest Gold.
  10. One for Fritz

    Hi Colin, I used to have one of these in my collection, pretty sure it is WW1 period. Mine had a felt sort of covering with brass fittings. When you squeezed the two cockades the box lid would open. Wish I still had it, my one had an iron Cross First class in it. I think you might struggle to get a 2nd class in it ,so perhaps the picture is incorrect. Probably a private purchaise item.
  11. Time Left: 1 month and 27 days

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    Field grey wool rayon cap with dark green centreband and dark green piping.One very small nip to the crown.Insignia comprises a gilt washed stamped alloy eagle and swastika and alloy oakleaves wreath encompassing a stamped national tricolor cockade. Twisted silver/aluminum chin cord is secured inplace by two small gilt washed metal buttons decorated with fouled navy anchors. Black vulcanfibre visor in good condition with all stitching intact. The interior of the cap is fully lined in light blue rayon with grey leather sweatshield and sweatband ribbon to the rear.Interior celluloid sweat diamond intact with all stitching present. Superb condition cap. V.G.C.


  12. Bronze Pab Badge De-nazified

    I totally missed this thread, I agree if it's a rare item and the price is right then would possibly consider it. When I first started collecting my first German Cross in Gold had most of the enamel smashed out of it , I was always quite happy with it as it only cost me £20 and was named on the back to a German paratrooper.
  13. Joan Armatrading's theme song from the 1978 film 'The Wild Geese'. This is another of my favourite films, a great cast, Richard Burton, Roger Moore, Richard Harris and Hardy Kruger, plus a host of other British actors.
  14. The Theme Song to the film ''Kelly's Heroes'' Directed by Brian G. Hutton and starring Clint Eastwood. The song is sung by The Mike Curb Congregation.
  15. I need your help!

    Not something I know allot about Allan, but I think your employer should at least point you in the right direction and let you know where to buy the correct items. I would imagine with safety equipment it would be pretty important you get the correct items otherwise someone could be in big trouble if someone got injured.